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The Most Monstrous Dungeons & Dragons Monsters

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Dungeons & Dragons is full of monsters that you have to defeat in order to complete your quest. Even though they only exist to drain abilities and devour items, every player still has a favorite creature or two from the Monster Manual. The best Dungeons and Dragons monsters aren’t just the standard hack and slash creepy crawlies that we’re all used to. Either they update an iconic piece of mythology to suit the gameplay, or they have a backstory that fills out the world, making the game seem even more real. Prepare your party for the most monstrous Dungeons & Dragons monsters.

Of all the features of the best D&D monsters, one of the things that raises them into the upper echelon of monstedom (a real thing that we didn’t just make up) is its power to stay with the player, even after the creature has been defeated. Some monsters, like the Rot Grub, are so gross that they can give you nightmares if you’re squeamish. While The Drow have found their way into pop culture on TV shows like Community. Every player has their favorite in game monster; did yours make the cut? Take a look at the greatest monsters in Dungeons and Dragons and find out.

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    Rust Monster

    So the Rust Monster isn't so much a towering evil as it is the biggest nuisance in D&D gameplay. If you don't have any metal on you, this NPC doesn't pose a threat. But if you're wearing any type of armor or carrying a sword, then prepare to be chased down by the Rust Monster to stand by helplessly while it chomps down on your delicious metal. 
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    Gibbering Mouther

    The Gibbering Mouther (which is a great name for a band by the way) is an aberration that not only drives your characters crazy, but it's a super gross writhing mass of goo covered in mouths. Not only are GMs hard to sneak up on, but they produce a sound that confuses everything within a 60 foot range.  
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    The Manticore is a mythological beast with the head of a man, the body of a lion, and dragon wings. It's a classic monster from D&D, and it's never a creature you're happy to encounter. The Manticore throws spikes at your characters, and it deals out poison damage which can affect your players after they vanquish the creature. 
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    The Xorn is basically the Rust Monster of gems and magical items, although rather than being a dumb little bug, the Xorn is a Cronenberg-esque creature that's basically a barrel of organic matter with a mouth and arms sticking out all over the place. Oh, and it can transmute itself around the Earth.
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