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The Best Dungeons & Dragons Feats

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Vote up the best feats to have when playing Dungeons & Dragons.

D&D feats give characters special capabilities that reflect the characters' background or expertise. As a PC or NPC levels up while playing Dungeons & Dragons 5e, a player can also choose a feat in place of improving ability scores - which can sometimes be an advantage in gameplay.

With feats such as "Lucky" and "Tough," two buffs that heroically bolster abilities, it can be tempting to see feats as an easy way to overpower a character. The catch with feats is that a player often needs to meet specific prerequisites before they can select certain feats. To take the feat of Elven Accuracy, a player can't be anything but an elf, and a Defensive Duelist needs a dexterity of 13 or higher.

Even with the catches, the best D&D feats can be just the thing to give your character a leg up without trying to juggle the math around ability scores. Vote up the best feats to select when building or leveling up a character.

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    Source: Player's Handbook - +5 Initiative; can't be surprised; no advantage for hidden attackers (Buff; Detection)
  • 2

    Polearm Master

    Source: Player's Handbook - You can keep your enemies at bay with reach weapons (Control; Combat)
  • 3

    Magic Initiate

    Source: Player's Handbook - Learn basic spells from a chosen class (Buff; Utility)
  • 4


    Source: Player's Handbook - Take advantage of every drop in any enemy's guard (Control; Warding)
  • 5


    Source: Player's Handbook - +1 stat and proficiency with saving throws to a chosen ability score (Buff; Warding)

  • 6

    Great Weapon Master

    Source: Player's Handbook - You've learned to put the weight of a weapon to your advantage (Damage; Combat)
  • 7


    Source: Player's Handbook - Ranged weapons mastery - make shots that others find impossible (Damage; Buff)
  • 8

    Crossbow Expert

    Source: Player's Handbook - No loading; no within 5 ft. disadvantage; bonus action attack with hand crossbow (Combat)
  • 9


    Source: Player's Handbook - You have inexplicable luck (Buff; Utility)
  • 10

    War Caster

    Source: Player's Handbook - You have practiced casting spells in the midst of combat (Combat; Warding) - Prerequisite: The ability to cast at least one spell

  • 11


    Source: Player's Handbook - You are exceptionally speedy and agile (Buff; Movement)

  • 12


    Source: Player's Handbook - Gain +2 hit points per character level (Buff)
  • 13

    Heavy Armor Master

    Source: Player's Handbook - +1 Strength; damage reduction from nonmagical weapons (Buff; Warding) - Prerequisite: Proficiency with heavy armor

  • 14

    Shield Master

    Source: Player's Handbook - Use shields not just for protection but also for offense (Damage; Combat; Warding)
  • 15


    Source: Player's Handbook - You are an able physician (Healing)
  • 16

    Elven Accuracy

    Source: Xanathar's Guide To Everything - +1 Dexterity; Intelligence; Wisdom; or Charisma; reroll advantage dice (Buff; Combat; Racial Feat)
  • 17

    Spell Sniper (Wizard)

    Source: Player's Handbook - Enhance your attacks with certain kinds of spells (Buff; Combat)
  • 18

    Defensive Duelist

    Source: Player's Handbook - Add your proficiency bonus to your AC as a reaction (Combat; Warding) - Prerequisite: Dexterity 13+

  • 19

    Bountiful Luck

    Source: Xanathar's Guide To Everything - Allow Allies to Reroll a 1 on Attack Rolls; Ability Checks; or Saving Throws (Buff; Racial Feat)
  • 20

    Ritual Caster

    Source: Player's Handbook - You have learned a number of spells that you can cast as rituals (Utility) - Prerequisite: Intelligence or Wisdom 13+

  • 21

    Inspiring Leader

    Source: Player's Handbook - Inspire your companions to grant temporary hit points (Healing; Buff; Social) - Prerequisite: Charisma 13+

  • 22


    Source: Player's Handbook - +1 Intelligence or Wisdom; quick to notice details of your environment (Buff; Detection)
  • 23

    Svirfneblin Magic

    Source: Elemental Evil Player's Companion Inherit the innate spellcasting ability of your ancestors (Deception; Warding; Racial Feat)
  • 24


    Source: Xanathar's Guide To Everything - Gain a Skill and Tool Proficiency; Skill Expertise; and Language (Buff; Racial Feat)
  • 25

    Squat Nimbleness

    Source: Xanathar's Guide To Everything - +1 Strength or Dexterity; +5 ft. Speed; Acrobatics or Athletics proficiency (Buff; Movement; Racial Feat)