Which Dystopian Show Is Most Predictive Of The Future Of The US?

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Vote up the shows that depict the dystopian future most likely to be faced by America; vote down those that might be taking it too far.

As political, economic, and environmental instability continue to push to the forefront of the global social consciousness, so too do ideas surrounding the various worst-case scenarios that could result from the deterioration of each. With this, dystopian narratives depicting the ruin of civilization as we know it have gained a devoted following the world over - be it through writing, film, or television. And the growing popularity of this genre only suggests that there will be more to come.

The prevalence of dystopian television shows has resulted in a vast array of storylines and scenarios to choose from, giving people the opportunity to watch the world fall apart due to everything from a zombie apocalypse to totalitarian political decay. Yet, it isn't necessarily just morbid curiosity that gives dystopian fiction its appeal, but rather that it gives people the chance to see just how individuals respond to - and hopefully survive - these catastrophic, and sometimes heartbreaking situations. As was pointed out in a Huffington Post article, dystopian narratives present a level of honesty and realism that is reflective of the human experience in a way that other narrative styles can't necessarily achieve.

As the United States continues to grow and shift, so too does its future. With this, which dystopian narrative might we find ourselves within in the future - and how will we survive? Vote up the dystopian television shows that you think most accurately depict the direction we're heading; and vote down those that seem just a little too far fetched.