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Have an opinion on what the best E Cig brands are, or want to know which ones are the best? The list of electronic cigarette brands below has been voted on by fans and is ranked started from the best. E-cigarette companies design their products to give users their nicotine fix without having to actually smoke cigarettes.

On this list you'll find companies such as Blu, which is one of the most popular and best-selling electronic cigarette companies with consumers. This top E Cig brand offers two varieties of products – a rechargeable option and a disposable model which can be discarded after one use. “A smokeless experience that feels and tastes good,” is what Blu promises its customers. Even celebrities, like Stephen Dorff, who is the spokesman for the popular E Cig company, use the product. Smoke 51 is another one of the best E Cig makers in the marketplace.

Red Dragon, which proudly provides people an alternative to tobacco, is another one of the top Electronic Cigarette companies. Their products contain a microchip and sensor that activates a circuit when users inhale, causing the liquid in the cartridge to vaporize and produce a smoke-like mist. Other good brands that are featured on this top Electronic Cigarette brand list include MigCigs, Provape and 777 E-Cigs.

Which of these top E Cig makers is your all-time favorite when it comes to taste and experience? Does Red Dragon or Kangertech top your list of the best E-cig brands?
Most divisive: Blu
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