Holidays The Best Easter Candy Of All Time Will Make Your Mouth Water  

Mick Jacobs

Halloween may get all the credit for being the best candy-related holiday, but Easter one-ups the spookiest night of the year in one distinct way: Easter-themed candies. Even the most steadfast trick-or-treaters won't come across any of the tasty Easter candy featured below.

In the same way other holidays have their own specialty dishes and desserts, Easter boasts themed treats in pastel packaging. Every year, companies produce unique candies and confections that coordinate perfectly with bunny rabbits and egg hunts.

Much like the holiday itself, Easter candies tend to match the pastel colors of dyed eggs and seasonal bouquets of fresh spring flowers. Even better, most of these treats also fit in plastic eggs, making them perfect for an egg hunt.

Of all the other contenders, these Easter candies were voted to be the top-tier treats of the holiday. Find out what the people consider to be the very best Easter candies by watching the video below.