The Best Eastern European Countries to Visit

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Here's a list of the best Eastern European countries to visit, as ranked by world travelers across the planet. Eastern European countries aren’t often considered the premier vacation spots for those who are heading to Europe. Countries like Italy, England, and Spain are the most often visited European countries. However, the countries in Eastern Europe house some of the world's most beautiful sights, such as the Julian Alps in Slovenia and Orheiul Vechi (Old Orhei) in Moldova. Some of the most tourist-friendly cities filled with cultural experiences galore exist in Eastern European countries like Russia, Croatia,and Poland. Whether you want to explore the many gardens in Warsaw, visit the historical buildings in Moscow, or taste the food in Budapest, there's a country perfect for every type of person.

This list of top Eastern European countries to visit is compiled with Eastern European countries that are tourist friendly, easy to navigate, and relatively inexpensive to experience. What are the best Eastern European countries to visit? The countries on this list are the answer to that question.

Although the countries in Eastern Europe may not be the flashiest vacation sites, they still hold some of the best experiences for novice and familiar travelers from anywhere in the world. Whether you like to explore historical landmarks and take in delicious food, the countries on this list are filled with good times.