The Best ECW Wrestlers of All Time

List of the best ECW wrestlers of all time. Extreme Championship Wrestling, putting the "EXTREME" in "EXTREME" from 1992 - 2001 (Arguably the most EXTREME timespan in recorded human history. And these ECW stars did more, so much more, than live up to the name of Extreme Championship Wrestling.

What became the brainchild of Paul Heyman, ECW was the one-stop place for the craziest, most death-defying, and certifiably insane professional wrestling you could lock your eyeballs on to. Matches often featured barbed wire being smashed into human faces. Metal folding chairs bouncing off of peoples skulls, and tables being turned to dust. Yes, dust. Either by several men smashing through them or by being set on fire... and then having several men smash through them.

ECW was hardcore wrestling at its very finest, and these are the top ECW stars, these are the very greatest ECW wrestlers in the history of the world's most EXTREME wrestling promotion.

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