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15 Netflix Educational Shows For Feeding Your Brain

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As great as The Magic School Bus is, it's high time there were more educational television shows for adults. And in case you haven't heard, Netflix has officially made learning fun for adults. That's right, learning shows aren't just for kids anymore. In fact, there are a ton of noteworthy educational TV series to watch on Netflix. Whether you're looking to learn about humpback whales, super massive black holes, or the history of G.I. Joe, there's a show for that. The best educational shows on Netflix cover a wide variety of topics. There's truly something for every interest. If you're a foodie, you'll want to sink your teeth into Samin Nosrat's phenomenal food/travel show Salt Fat Acid Heat. If you fancy yourself more of a nature fiendOur Planet and Night On Earth are two exquisite choices. The truth is, you really can't go wrong with any of these shows. Even if you don't like it, hey! At least you learned something. 

So now, without further ado, here is a list of the most fascinating educational shows streaming on Netflix. Keep reading to learn more about these informative series, and vote up which popular Netflix educational shows taught you the most!

  • Photo: 72 Dangerous Animals / Netflix

    The antithesis to Netflix's 72 Cutest Animals, this show avoids the adorable and fuzzy members of the animal kingdom. Instead, every animal featured on 72 Dangerous Animals could do you some serious damage. Whether they're venomous, sharp-clawed, or masters of disguise, these creatures should be avoided at all costs. We know that tigers can be dangerous, but did you ever think you'd need to fear a cone snail

    72 Dangerous Animals breaks down the all the different ways animals ward off predators and defend their territories. Who will be crowned the most fearsome beast of the animal kingdom? Better watch to find out. 

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  • Photo: Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak / Netflix

    Netflix's Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak arrived in January of 2020, and not a moment too soon. Some even say that Pandemic predicted the novel coronavirus. The six-episode series profiles the doctors and scientists working against influenza, and how their ingenuity and bravery save many lives each year. But this show's timeliness can apply to just about any large-scale outbreak.

    Pandemic not only highlights the actions being taken to combat widespread illness, but the preventative measures that should be taken to halt its spread in the first place. 


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  • Netflix's original 100 Humans is an innovative look at human behavior. Using a study size of 100 people, three scientists test hypotheses for a variety of social experiments. Investigating concepts of sex, happiness and torture, this reality show gives us insight into how we humans react to different situations. Are humans naturally biased? Can we always trust our gut? These questions and more are dissected on 100 Humans. Each 30 to 40 minute-long episode packs in an entire scientific study, so by the end, you'll be all learned up. 

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  • Photo: Night on Earth / Netflix

    Do you ever wonder what the nocturnal world gets up to at night? Netflix's Night on Earth shows you what no other nature documentary series has shown you before. Filmed using new, innovative technology, this show lifts the night's veil from our natural world. Turns out these creatures live completely hidden lives when the sun goes down. Whether it's a dense jungle or an expansive savanna, every location in this show teems with life during the night. 

    Night on Earth makes it possible to witness what the human eye cannot, informing us on the remarkably complex lives of these extraordinary animals.  

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