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The Best Educational And STEM Subscription Boxes For Kids

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Whether your child is gearing up for pre-K or is already heading to grade school, you can help encourage their creativity and foster productive learning habits with a few educational subscription boxes. Toeing the line between fun and functional, these monthly box sets include tons of fun and original toys, games, and books to help your toddler or young child build and grow essential learning and coping skills. With each box featuring a new theme and new games every month, there's plenty here to keep your kids — and you — occupied.

With tons of options to choose from, including exciting STEM projects for children and more, you can help prep their scholastic career with these uber-creative educational boxes. A great learning tool for both young kids and toddlers, be sure to vote up your favorite subscriptions so readers can see the most exciting educational boxes on the market.

  • Photo: Superpower Academy / Cratejoy

    Ideal for kids between five and 10, this superhero-themed box includes tons of fun comics and activity books that are designed to help build lifelong skills. Courage, empathy, reasoning - these are the skills superheroes need to succeed, and with hours of hands-on projects delivered every month, your child will be well on their way.

    Reviewer Angela T says:

    So I absolutely adore this for my five year-old son. He immediately created an entire story around it about how the "coy" (mentor to all people super) must have been watching him and knew he'd make a great cadet. He was adamant to begin and finish all of his missions immediately and I've been using it as a reminder that they coy may be watching him to determine if he is really cadet material and what would a good cadet do right now. Just fantastic!

    From $28.75 / month

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    Specifically designed for toddlers and children ages 3 to 5, this educational crate comes with three fun activity sets, as well as detailed step-by-step instructions, every month. Each set is designed and curated by a credentialed teacher.

    Happy mom Abby H says:

    My son LOVED the activities included in the box, and I enjoyed the explanation and reasoning behind them. It was so fun to watch my toddler perform an "experiment." If you're looking for engaging activities beyond building blocks and playdoh - this is it!

    Starts at $32.50 / month

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    Modeled to children between the ages of eight and 12, this hands-on subcription box includes three or more fun activities to explore every month. Featuring eductional STEM projects, this box is designed to help foster creativeity and encourage a lifelong passion for science, technology, and more.

    User Jessica E writes:

    This box is filled with multiple activities that all work together to teach a theme. I ordered it for my 4 year old and it was a little to advanced for her. It requires understanding of about a 2nd grader.

    From $26.00/month

  • Photo: GIRLS CAN! CRATE / Cratejoy

    Meant for girls between five and 10, this mini monthly box includes creative play props and hands-on STEM activities to help your child explore and learn necessary skills. With a new female role model each month, this box comes with wonderful activity books with games, experiments, and more.

    Reviewer Shannon raves:

    I'm absolutely thrilled with this crate! I subscribed for my daughter, who is 3 years old. She gets super excited when it comes each month. We have both loved reading the stories of the amazing women that have been featured, and the activities are very engaging. She role plays for days that she is the woman highlighted. I love seeing her get into character! While she is too young for some of the activities, I have easily adapted them as needed. I've been extremely impressed with the thought that goes into each crate and the quality of materials. It is well worth the cost. I would highly recommend subscribing.

    From $27.95/month