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The Best Characters On 'Elementary'

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Sherlock’s on the case, and he’s looking to rank the greatest characters on CBS’s Elementary. Based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic Sherlock Holmes, this crime drama series centers on Holmes as he assists (more like schools) the NYPD on how to solve crimes.

From Dr. Joan Watson, Holmes’s partner, to police captain Tommy Gregson, the cast and characters on Elementary are simultaneously recognizable and unique. Do you fancy Sherlock’s unorthodox crime-solving methods, or do you prefer Detective Bell’s more by-the-book approach?

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  • Photo: CBS

    Sherlock Holmes

    I don't guess. I observe. And once I've observed, I deduce.

    Played by: Jonny Lee Miller

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    Joan Watson

    I am better with you, Watson. I'm sharper, I'm more focused. Difficult to say why, exactly. Perhaps in time, I'll solve that as well.

    Played by: Lucy Liu

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    Detective Marcus Bell

    Yeah. You were right. About me doing worse to him if you hadn't stopped me. Truth is I don't know how far I would've gone.

    Played by: Jon Michael Hill

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    Captain Thomas "Tommy" Gregson

    I've lost friends on the job to scumbags. Believe me, there's been more than a few times I thought about taking things into my own hands. But I didn't.

    Played by: Aidan Quinn

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