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Refreshingly Cool Fan Art Of Eleven From Stranger Things

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The surprise success of hit sci-fi series Stranger Things has resulted in a passionate and dedicated fandom springing up seemingly overnight, and the best fan art from Stranger Things proves it. No character from the Netflix series was more beloved than Eleven, the Eggo-stealing psychic with a buzz cut, so, of course, the fan art of Eleven is a step above the rest. Despite her lack of dialogue, many fans connected with “El” in a deep sense, and several of those fans have chosen to express that connection through art.

Fan art of Eleven from Stranger Things can come in a variety of forms, and it can represent any number of the character’s themes: including strength, perseverance, and, most importantly, friendship. With a number of memorable moments and scenes to choose from, there’s no limit to the amount of sheer badassery that can occur when Eleven meets the canvas. Let the Eggos toast and the noses bleed, this is the kind of fan art that will turn your world Upside Down.

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    Pennywise Meets His Match

    Photo: Diam0nt

    Eleven faces off with the star of It in this black and white art by Diam0nt.

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    Pencil Crayon Pain

    This dark and menacing drawing of Eleven by Penelope Duprat stares directly into your soul.

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    Upside-Down And Right-Side Up

    Photo: Dissectr

    This composition by Dissectr depicts the dichotomy that is Eleven’s life.

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    Mike And Eleven Forever

    Photo: Calazans

    This poster-ready art by Calazans is truly amazing.

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