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The Best Elfen Lied Quotes

There are so many memorable quotes from the anime Elfen Lied, but which ones stood out to you the most? Since it's just a great anime, let's rank the best quotes from Elfen Lied, with the help of your votes. These memorable Elfen Lied quotes can be from any character in the series, whether they are a main character like Lucy, or even a side character like Kurama or Bando.

Based on the manga series written and illustrated by Lynn Okamoto, the 13-episode Elfen Lied tells the story of humanity's efforts to erase the existence of the diclonius, a species of mutant humans with horns. Elfen Lied aired between July 25 and October 17, 2004, and was followed by an OVA on April 21, 2005. The Elfen Lied OVA takes place around episodes 10 and 11, hence it being referred to as "episode 10.5."

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Photo: Elfen Lied

  • Someone Worse Off Than They Are
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    122 VOTES

    Someone Worse Off Than They Are

    "Everyone in this place is unhappy. And since they're unhappy, they're probably looking for someone worse off than they are."


    122 votes
  • Good Enough
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    70 VOTES

    Good Enough

    "All this time, I've lived in hope of telling you how sorry I am, I've fought armies, just to have this chance, but now, there's nothing I can say.. That's good enough."


    70 votes
  • More Miserable Than You
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    83 VOTES

    More Miserable Than You

    "When you are miserable, you need something that is even more miserable than you to feel good about yourself."


    83 votes
  • Wanted to Apologize
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    44 VOTES

    Wanted to Apologize

    "You suddenly appeared in front of me in this hell. The day that I would get to meet you...I always wanted to apologize to you...I only endured because of that! I kept on living."


    44 votes
  • Monsters Inside
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    93 VOTES

    Monsters Inside

    "Aren't we all monsters inside?"


    93 votes
  • Cannot Be Forgiven
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    39 VOTES

    Cannot Be Forgiven

    "People who think that they can make up their past follies with regret, cannot be forgiven."


    39 votes