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Retail Companies that Offer the Best Employee Discounts

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When looking for a new job you have to take a few things into account. Hopefully you're looking for a job you'll actually enjoy, but usually the pay and the perks are first and foremost. Next is distance - how far are you traveling to get there? Is it worth it? What's the quality of your commute like? Most of these things we can't help you with (sorry), so we're bringing you a list of companies that take care of their employees by offering them sweet and delicious employee discounts.

So which retail corporations offer the best employee discounts? Companies with employee incentives are doing something right. If you want to keep your employees performing, you have to reward them for their hard work. Some stores (clothing mainly) even require you purchase their products and be seen using them in store, and therefore offer some great discounts to allow for that. Others still have companies they've made deals with, where employees from either store can go to the other and get a discount there as well. 

Whether you're looking for a new job or a new reason to make friends with an employee (or a reason to call that person you knew in high school who totally works at the Apple Store now), these are the discounts you can expect at each company. These are the stores with the very best employee discounts!