Michael Myers's Best Kills In The 'Halloween' Franchise

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Since 1978 Michael Myers has been killing teenagers, doctors, police officers, and townies with equal disregard. Anyone who gets in his way - regardless of age, race, or creed - gets dispatched in some magnificent fashion.

In case you haven't been counting, there are a lot of Halloween movie murders. Michael's clocked at least 70 confirmed kills, but it’s honestly hard to tell in some of the huge group murder scenes he finds himself in during later films. 

The best kills in Halloween are also the most memorable. The garden claws through the face, the exploding heads, the hot tubs; those are the kills to remember. 

Do you have a favorite insane murder from the Halloween franchise? Perhaps it involves one of the many babysitters whom Laurie Strode has befriended. Or maybe you prefer the work of Rob Zombie and his brutal, yet beautiful death scenes. Whatever your taste, there’s a Michael Myers kill waiting just for you. 

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  • Nurse Karen

    Nurse Karen

    291 votes

    Movie: Halloween II

    Method: Scalding

    When Nurse Karen goes down to meet up with a paramedic for a sexy dip in the hospital's hot tub, she's dunked into the scalding water repeatedly before her face burns off. 

  • Bob


    265 votes

    Movie: Halloween

    Method: Stabbing

    After getting groovy with his girlfriend Lynda, Bob goes downstairs to get her a beer. Being a Halloween movie, he runs into Michael Myers, who slams him against a wall before stabbing him to death. 

  • Lynda


    235 votes

    Movie: Halloween

    Method: Strangled

    Michael skewers Lynda's boyfriend, then dresses up like a sheet ghost and surprises Lynda by choking her to death. 

  • Annie


    221 votes

    Movie: Halloween

    Method: Slit throat

    Michael Myers waits in the back of Annie's car then pops out when she least expects it and slits her throat before smashing her face against the driver's side window. 

  • Jamie Lloyd 

    Jamie Lloyd 

    245 votes

    Movie: Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

    Method: Impaled on a corn thresher

    While trying to escape from Michael, Jamie hides in a barn but - you guessed it - Michael is hiding in the barn too. He catches his niece and impales her on a corn thresher before turning it on to disembowel her. 

  • Jimmy Howell

    Jimmy Howell

    196 votes

    Movie: Halloween: H20

    Method: Ice skate to the face

    While the audience doesn't see the action go down, Jimmy's death is exciting for two reasons: he's played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and he catches an ice skate to the face.