The Best English Horror Movies

This list of the best English horror movies demonstrates the Brit’s longtime affinity for the scariest genre. Made up of mostly classic films, the list includes performances by vintage movie stars Michael Redgrave, Joan Fontaine, Charlton Heston, and Gregory Peck. What lover of the English horror genre could resist the aptly named Horror Hotel starring Christopher Lee? And every horror aficionado should know that before there was Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween a British babysitter was being terrorized by a psycho just escaped from a mental hospital in Fright.

Also of note on this list of British horror movies is The Omen. One of the best and most influential horror films, it spawned four sequels and a remake. So, which of the films on this English horror movies list gives you the creeps? Join our other users and give the scariest movies on this list a bloody thumbs up.

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