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The Best Ensemble Casts of 2018  

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2018 proved to be quite the year for ensemble casts, with numerous box office hits featuring a host of big-name actors and actresses. If you're unfamiliar with what an ensemble cast exactly is, it's simply a movie cast in which the main actors are given equal parts and importance (for the most part). Considering this, the best ensemble movies of 2018 were shared by large groups of Hollywood's top performers. Of all these stellar casts, who do you think packed the most punch?

In determining the best ensemble cast this year, there's quite a bit to consider. While the quality of the film itself is certainly major factor here, you also have to pay mind to each actor and actress within the cast and how they performed together. For instance, not only was Avengers: Infinity War one of the best movies of 2018, the large cast also brought their A game to the screen with killer performances from Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, and Elizabeth Olsen—among a great deal of others. Other 2018 ensemble casts include those from top films like Annihilation, Crazy Rich Asians, and Solo: A Star Wars Story, just to name a few. What other movies make the list for the best ensemble casts of 2018? 

In short, this year was a great time for these super casts, complete with superhero flicks, action films, and even sci-fi horror movies. Now, check out the list of 2018 ensemble movies below and cast a vote for each of your top choices.

Avengers: Infinity War ... is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Best Ensemble Casts of 2018
Photo:  Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Robert Downey Jr. - Tony Stark / Iron Man
Chris Hemsworth - Thor
Mark Ruffalo - Bruce Banner / Hulk
Chris Evans - Steve Rogers / Captain America
Scarlett Johansson - Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow
Benedict Cumberbatch - Dr. Stephen Strange
Don Cheadle - James "Rhodey" Rhodes / War Machine
Tom Holland - Peter Parker / Spider-Man
Chadwick Boseman - T'Challa / Black Panther
Paul Bettany - Vision
Elizabeth Olsen - Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch
Anthony Mackie - Sam Wilson / Falcon
Sebastian Stan - Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier
Tom Hiddleston - Loki
Idris Elba - Heimdall
Peter Dinklage - Eitri
Benedict Wong - Wong
Pom Klementieff - Mantis
Karen Gillan - Nebula
Dave Bautista - Drax the Destroyer
Zoe Saldana - Gamora
Vin Diesel - Groot
Bradley Cooper - Rocket
Gwyneth Paltrow - Pepper Potts
Benicio del Toro - Taneleer Tivan / The Collector
Josh Brolin - Thanos
Chris Pratt - Peter Quill / Star-Lord

Avengers: Infinity War is a 2018 American superhero film directed by Anthony and Joe Russo. Torn apart after the events of Captain America: Civil War, the Avengers join forces with the Guardians of the Galaxy to battle Thanos, who is trying to amass the Infinity Stones for a gauntlet that will allow him to inflict his will on all reality. ...more on Wikipedia

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Deadpool 2 is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Best Ensemble Casts of 2018
Photo:  Deadpool 2/20th Century Fox

Ryan Reynolds - Wade Wilson / Deadpool
Josh Brolin - Cable
Morena Baccarin - Vanessa
Julian Dennison - Russell Collins / Firefist
Zazie Beetz - Domino
T. J. Miller - Weasel
Brianna Hildebrand - Negasonic Teenage Warhead
Jack Kesy - Black Tom Cassidy
Terry Crews - Bedlam
Lewis Tan - Shatterstar
Bill Skarsgård - Zeitgeist
Rob Delaney - Peter
Brad Pitt - Vanisher

Deadpool 2 is a 2018 American superhero film directed by David Leitch, based on the Marvel Comics character. Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) forms his own team of mutants to stop mysterious mercenary Cable (Josh Brolin) from carrying out his mission. ...more on Wikipedia

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Ocean's 8 is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Best Ensemble Casts of 2018
Photo:  Wikimedia Commons (CC-BY)
Ocean's 8

Sandra Bullock - Debbie Ocean
Cate Blanchett - Lou Miller
Anne Hathaway - Daphne Kluger
Mindy Kaling - Amita
Sarah Paulson - Tammy
Awkwafina - Constance
Rihanna - Nine Ball/Leslie
Helena Bonham Carter - Rose Weil
Richard Armitage - Claude Becker
James Corden - John Frazier

Ocean's Eight is a 2018 American heist comedy film directed by Gary Ross. Danny Ocean's estranged sister Debbie (Sandra Bullock) attempts to pull off the heist of the century at New York City’s star-studded annual Met Gala with the perfect crew. ...more on Wikipedia

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Bad Times at the El Roya... is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The Best Ensemble Casts of 2018
Photo: 20th Century Fox

Jeff Bridges - Daniel Flynn
Cynthia Erivo - Darlene Sweet
Dakota Johnson - Emily Summerspring
Jon Hamm - Seymour Sullivan
Cailee Spaeny - Rose Summerspring
Lewis Pullman - Miles Miller
Chris Hemsworth - Billy Lee
Nick Offerman - Felix O'Kelly
Xavier Dolan - Buddy Sunday
Shea Whigham - Dr. Woodbury Laurence
Mark O'Brien - Larsen Rogers
Charles Halford - Sammy Wilds
Jim O'Heir - Milton Wyrick
Manny Jacinto - Waring "Wade" Espiritu

Bad Times at the El Royale is a 2018 American mystery thriller film directed by Drew Goddard. Over the course of one fateful night at a rundown hotel, seven strangers: a young concierge (Lewis Pullman), a down-on-his-luck priest (Jeff Bridges), a singer (Cynthia Erivo), an impressionable Southern girl (Cailee Spaeny), her older sister (Dakota Johnson), a vacuum cleaner salesman (Jon Hamm), and a charismatic cult leader (Chris Hemsworth); will have one last shot at redemption. ...more on Wikipedia

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