The Best Episode Of Every Major Shonen Anime, Ranked

Shonen anime is full of incredible episodes, but which ones are truly the best? That's a highly subjective question. For some My Hero Academia fans, the best episode was the one where All Might defeats All For One, but others might favor the one where Izuku works with Eri to bring down Overhaul, or the one about Shigaraki Tomura's sad backstory. How are DBZ fans supposed to pick between the moment when Vegeta sacrifices his life to save the world from Majin Buu or the moment where Goku goes Super Saiyan for the first time? 

But there is a way to parse this out. For this list we're counting down the best episodes of shonen anime according to their IMDb rating. All episodes are excellent, but are they truly the best from their series? That's up to you.

  • After taking a major hit to the chest from Ulquiorra's Cero Oscuras, Ichigo nearly loses his life. Orihime tries to heal him, but she's repeatedly stopped by their enemies. Ichigo forces himself to revive in order to protect her, but when he does he reveals his new Hollow form. 

  • The penultimate episode of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is one of the reasons that the whole show is rated so highly. After Father ingests Greed, his body turns into a brittle substance, allowing Ed to finally destroy him. But even when the final villain is defeated, it still isn't enough to solve all the problems. Alphonse still needs to be saved, and Ed is willing to make a major sacrifice to make it happen. 

  • 'Attack On Titan' - Hero
    Photo: Wit Studio

    Armin has never really stood out amongst the Survey Corps. He doesn't appear to be especially strong, or especially brave. In Hero, he demonstrates that he has a brilliant strategic mind. He comes up with a plan that lets them take down the Colossal Titan and plug up the hole in the wall. It works, but it also results in Armin being nearly burnt to a crisp. His incredible courage is beyond anything he ever expected of himself, but it proves to his comrades that he may just be the biggest hero among them. 

  • 'Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba' - Hinokami
    Photo: ufotable

    Tanjiro and Nezuko must defeat Rui the Spider Demon who doesn't just threaten everyone around him, but who represents a toxic view of family that the two of them must repudiate. The siblings work together to take him on. Tanjiro channels the Hinokami Dance, which was inspired by their father, while Nezuko uses Blood Demon Art: Exploding Blood. By defeating him together, they cement the power of their bond.