The Best Episodes of Joe Rogan About MMA Fighters

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A lot of people know Joe Rogan for being a comedian. However, he also works as a sports commentator for mixed martial arts competitions. He is a huge fan of MMA and regularly discusses the Ultimate Fighting Championship on this podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. If you want to hear more of his thoughts on his topic, then you do not have to look far. He regularly discusses the top MMA fighters and matches on his podcast, and this list breaks down the best Joe Rogan fighter episodes. 

Rogan and the UFC go way back. He first started working as a post-fight interviewer back in 1997. Rogan stepped away from such fighting tournaments to focus on other events that paid better, but starting in 2002, he started working as a commentator more regularly. In the years since, the World MMA Awards named Rogan MMA Personality of the Year four times. In 2006, Rogan took his appreciation of the sport to the next level by hosting the show Inside the UFC.

Joe Rogan has a lot to say about the UFC. The Best JRE MMA podcasts are right here for you to enjoy. Feel free to watch the episodes and vote up your favorites. 


Photo: The Joe Rogan Experience / YouTube

  • JRE 1008
    Video: YouTube
    16 VOTES

    JRE 1008

    Guests: Cody Garbrandt and Urijah Faber


    • Urijah talks about life after fighting
    • Sparring in camp prior to fighting
    • Cody doing The Ultimate Fighter
    • How a lot of fighters are prima donnas
    16 votes
  • JRE 916
    Video: YouTube
    6 VOTES

    JRE 916

    Guests: Brendan Schaub, Bryan Callen, and Eddie Bravo


    • How doing fight companion podcasts is better than commentating
    • The Germaine de Randamie vs. Holly Holm fight
    • How much time fighters should take off following a knockout
    6 votes
  • JRE 948
    Video: YouTube
    8 VOTES

    JRE 948

    Guests: Brendan Schaub and Eddie Bravo


    • Who Demetrious Johnson should fight next
    • What is the prime age of a fighter?
    • Fighters coming out of retirement
    8 votes
  • JRE 880
    Video: YouTube
    5 VOTES

    JRE 880

    Guest: Jon Jones


    • Fighters and their kids
    • How Jon doesn't need to fight again
    • Training with other fighters
    5 votes
  • JRE 1072
    Video: YouTube
    12 VOTES

    JRE 1072

    Guest: Joey Diaz


    • Russian and Cuban success in MMA
    • UFC 226
    • Upcoming MMA fights
    12 votes
  • JRE 840
    Video: YouTube
    4 VOTES

    JRE 840

    Guest: Donald Cerrone


    • Donald talks about fighting at 170 pounds
    • How much Donald loves fighting over everything else
    • Training and drilling for a fight
    • UFC 200 vs. UFC 202
    4 votes