The Best Episodes of 90 Day Fiance

Every episode of episode of 90 Day Fiancé is an emotional journey, but which ones really stand out? Do you like "Culture Shock" the best, or is "New Couples, New Journeys" your favorite episode of 90 Day Fiancé? To determine once and for all what the best episodes of 90 Day Fiancé are, let's rank every 90 Day Fiancé episode from best to worst.

An American documentary series, 90 Day Fiancé follows couples who are deciding on their futures together with a deadline of three months, which is the expiration on a K-1 visa. 90 Day Fiancé premiered on TLC on January 12, 2014 and each season covers four to six couples. Spin-offs of 90 Day Fiancé include 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? and 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?.

Vote up your favorite episodes of 90 Day Fiancé, and downvote any bad episodes that you really didn't enjoy, despite how much you love the series as a whole. It can be painful to put one 90 Day Fiancé episode over the other when there are so many good ones, which is why you can vote on however many episodes you like.

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  • I Got My Visa!

    I Got My Visa!

    Using a unique 90 Day Fiancé visa, four women will travel to the US to live with their overseas fiancés for the first time. Each couple will have just 90 days to decide to get married or send their international mate home.

  • Bring on the 90 Days

    Bring on the 90 Days

    The 90 days begin for 2 couples as foreign fiancés land in America. Before she heads to Ireland, Elizabeth's friends have concerns about Andrei. Azan welcomes Nicole and May in Morocco and is faced with parenting a toddler. Plus, we meet a new couple.

  • 90 Days Isn't Enough

    90 Days Isn't Enough

    Russ takes Paola to a tailgate; later the couple's wedding plans are put into jeopardy. Alan is concerned as Kirlyam gets a big opportunity. Mike's Mom confronts Aziza at her bachelorette party. Aya grows upset as Louis cuts corners on their wedding.

  • Culture Shock

    Culture Shock

    Living with Russ' parents takes a toll on Paola while her wild ways turns up the heat with Russ's friends. Kirlyam struggles in her new setting and misses home. Aziza meets Mike's skeptical family. Louis prepares his boys and ex-wife for Aya's arrival.

  • I'm Home America!

    I'm Home America!

    Evelin pushes Justin to introduce her to his family. At Yamir's album release party his manager throws his private life into the public eye. Mohamed meets Danielle's skeptical son. Daya questions her engagement ring. And we meet a new couple Danny and Amy

  • You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

    You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

    The journey begins for two couples. After a bad fight Jorge wonders if he still has a fiancé. Nicole says goodbye to America and lands in Morocco to meet her fiancé Azan in person for the first time ever.

  • I Can See the Cracks

    I Can See the Cracks

    Nicole & Azan head to the desert for a big surprise. Chantel has regrets while secretly shopping for a wedding dress without her mother. Anfisa tries on a $45,000 gown. A skeptical Narkiya waits to hear from Lowo who claims his phone was stolen.

  • Mo' Money, Mo Problems

    Mo' Money, Mo Problems

    Season 2 Episode 5: Danielle fears Mohamed may leave, as her family grows skeptical. Justin sees his family for the first time since revealing his secret. Cassia fights with Jason about trust. Danny's brother ruins date night with Amy. Yamir's move yields devastating news.
  • New Couples, New Journeys

    New Couples, New Journeys

    Using a unique 90 Day Fiancé visa, six foreigners will travel to the US to live with their overseas fiancés for the first time. Each couple will have just 90 days to decide to get married or send their international mate home.

  • Season 3 Tell All

    Season 3 Tell All

    All six couples of "90 Day Fiance" meet face-to-face for the first time, sitting down with NBC's Erica Hill for a candid & revealing conversation. What happened when cameras stopped rolling? Where do their relationships stand now?

  • Second Thoughts

    Second Thoughts

    Nicole returns from Morocco; Andrei confronts Elizabeth's sister; Annie decides if she'll stay in America with David; Aika meets Josh's mom before their Vegas wedding; David and Evelyn finalize wedding prep. Also: a shocking reveal for Molly and Luis.

  • Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

    Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

    Danielle fears Mohamed may leave. Justin sees his family for the first time since telling his secret. Cassia and Jason fight about trust. Danny’s brother ruins date night with Amy. Yamir’s move yields devastating news.

  • Welcome to Real Life

    Welcome to Real Life

    David and Annie begin the 90 Days. Andrei arrives and meets Elizabeth's dad. Luis questions staying in America and becoming a stepdad. Evelyn & David disagree about where they'll live. Nicole struggles at the gym with Azan. Aika considers going home.

  • Touchdown!


    Amy confronts Danny about his overbearing family. Mohamed learns the meaning of “hooking up”. Jason travels to Brazil, still uncertain if Cassia will meet him. Yamir arrives in the U.S. and Chelsea's parents have many questions about the couple's future.

  • Too Little Too Late

    Too Little Too Late

    Episode Chantel & Pedro head to the altar. Jorge & Anfisa make the final decision about their rocky relationship. Nicole gets devastating news about the K1 Visa. Narkyia discovers yet another Lowo lie that jeopardizes everything.

  • Waiting is the Hardest Part

    Waiting is the Hardest Part

    In this season 5 premiere, couples who have their K-1 visa now begin their journey to the alter. Their foreign mates will travel to the US and have 90 days to get married, or leave the country. But some wait in limbo for visa approval.

  • Parental Approval

    Parental Approval

    Evelyn's best friend thinks she is moving too fast. Despite her mother's resistance, Nicole and May leave for Morocco. David struggles to come up with enough money to satisfy Annie's family. Molly's conservative father questions Luis' intentions.

  • I Think You're My Future Wife

    I Think You're My Future Wife

    Brandon's parents' strict rules surprise his Russian fiancee, Julia. Ukrainian bombshell Yara isn't impressed with fiance Jovi's hometown. Rebecca and her Tunisian beau Zied await visa news. Mike and Natalie's relationship takes an unexpected turn.

  • Season 5: Tell All

    Season 5: Tell All

    The couples of 90 Day Fiancé meet for the first time on the tell-all stage. Shocking reveals & juicy details are uncovered as host Shaun Robinson asks the couples and some surprise guests about the most intense and intimate moments from this season.

  • The Clock is Tickin'

    The Clock is Tickin'

    Everyone is on edge as the foreign partners get ready to arrive; the 90-day couples face cynical family and stressful visa situations; one new arrival has her American dreams crushed when she arrives to a disappointing discovery.

  • Young and Restless

    Young and Restless

    Colt heads to the airport to meet Larissa; Asuelu has a special surprise for Kalani; Steven prepares to go to Russia; Ashley heads to Jamaica for Jay's visa interview; Eric is nervous about impressing Leida; Fernanda and Jon have dinner with friends.

  • Rough Landings

    Rough Landings

    Ashley and Jay land in America; Steven and Olga prepare for the baby's arrival; Larissa meets her new roommate -- Colt's mom; Fernanda has a talk with Jon's friend; Leida's sister Reina questions Leida's future with Eric; Asuelu meets Kalani's dad.

  • I Know What You Did

    I Know What You Did

    Leida's family arrives in NYC; Ashley's friends throw a party for Jay; Asuelu tells his side of the story to Kolini; Larissa clashes with Debbie; Fernanda and Jonathan fight at the club; Olga feels contractions and gets unexpected news.

  • Not What I Thought

    Not What I Thought

    Jonathan and Fernanda continue their fight; Colt has a surprise for Larissa; Jay feels uncomfortable at Ashley's local market; Kalani and Asuelu move to Utah; Leida questions coming to the America; Olga has complications while in labor.

  • Flirting With Disaster

    Flirting With Disaster

    Olga is upset with Steven's attitude; Leida tells Eric's daughter to move out; Colt and Larissa look at wedding venues; Ashley confronts Jay about his untrustworthy behavior; Fernanda meets Jonathan's skeptical mom.