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The Best Episodes of A Haunting

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Paranormal activity is investigated through eyewitness accounts and interviews in every episode of A Haunting. Some great A Haunting episodes are about demonic possessions while other good episodes find families coping with ghostly encounters. A few good episodes of A Haunting are about exorcisms.

What are the best episodes of A Haunting? “Where Demons Dwell” from season two is a fan favorite. This episode finds a young boy becoming possessed by a spirit. “A Haunting in Connecticut” is also a compelling episode of the series, A Haunting.

“Fear House” is another good episode from A Haunting as is “Demon Child” in which a six-year-old is tormented by a dangerous spirit.

Do you have a favorite episode of A Haunting? Give the best episodes a vote up and vote down any episodes you may not have liked. Make sure to also check out the Best Paranormal Reality Shows.

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    Where Demons Dwell

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    Bobby Mackey owns a country music nightclub in the small town of Wilder, Kentucky. The building was once home to a slaughterhouse. The Licking River, which runs next door, is said to have attracted Satanists and murderers over the years. Bobby initially pays no attention to the legends, even though his pregnant wife Jackie and an employee had been attacked by spirits. With the eerie violence escalating, an ancient well in the basement is discovered; it seems to be the source of the dark force. It seems intent on harming Jackie's unborn child and taking someone's soul....
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      A wealthy American family, the Bishops, move into a luxurious mansion in the Yangmin mountains of Taiwan. Soon, strange events begin to plague various family members in their new home. Candice sees lights out of the corner of her eye; her teen daughters hear voices and footsteps. They finally give up their disbelief in ghosts when their youngest daughter is attacked. The family consults a Catholic Taoist priest who says, according to feng shui, their house was physically designed to give power to spirits from the beyond....  more
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        Demon Child

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        Jan's is unconcerned that her seven-year-old son Cody talks with an imaginary friend. It becomes clear the "friend" is quite real when the child's behavior becomes belligerent and hateful. Jan is frightened into action when Cody tells her he lives in a box in the cemetery. She calls upon a Native American shaman to help rid her son of this demonic spirit....
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          The Haunting of Summerwind

          Video: YouTube
          Ginger is immediately drawn to Summerwind, a 50-year-old home by the shores in West Bay Lake, Wisconsin. The house's history of hauntings do nothing to discourage her or her husband from moving in with their family. A malevolent force soon overtakes the home, turning her husband into a deranged and violent madman who quits working and sits at the organ pounding out chilling music. With the family now broke and her children living in constant terror, Ginger must find a way to free them from the evil of Summerwind....
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