The Best Episodes of Cake Boss

There are so many good episodes of Cake Boss, but which ones really stand out? Do you like "New Deli, New Design" the best, or is "Painters, Pool & Pink" your favorite episode of Cake Boss? To determine once and for all what the best episodes of Cake Boss are, let's rank everyCake Boss episode from best to worst.

Cake Boss on TLC follows the day-to-day operations of Carlo's Bake Shop in Hoboken, New Jersey, which is owned and operated by five siblings: Buddy Valastro (the "Cake Boss," who has worked at the bakery since age 17), Lisa Valastro, Maddalena Castano, Grace Faugno, and Mary Sciarrone. Cake Boss premiered on April 19, 2009. Most episodes of Cake Boss are independent from each other, so you can watch the series in any order you like.

Vote up your favorite episodes of Cake Boss, and downvote any bad episodes that you really didn't enjoy, despite how much you love the series as a whole. It can be painful to put one Cake Boss episode over the other when there are so many good ones, which is why you can vote on however many episodes you like.

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  • Biplane, Bridezilla, and Busting Buddy

    Biplane, Bridezilla, and Busting Buddy

    Season 1 Episode 5: Buddy agrees to make a charity bi-plane cake for a local hospital and an unreasonable Bridezilla makes everyone's life difficult after the bakery crew makes a cake that she's not pleased with. Stretch plots revenge against Buddy with unexpected results.
  • Roses, Romance & a Romeo

    Roses, Romance & a Romeo

    Season 3 Episode 3: Buddy's got his work cut out for him this week when he's asked to make wedding cakes for fourteen couples getting married in a mass wedding on Valentine's Day. Cousin Anthony asks someone at the bakery to be his valentine.
  • Chimps, Cinema & Crumb Cake

    Chimps, Cinema & Crumb Cake

    Season 2 Episode 15: The crew channels their inner animal when they're asked to make a cake for the 110th birthday of the Bronx Zoo. They also make a cake for the grand opening of the only movie theater in Hoboken, once the client makes up their mind about the design!
  • Bride, Boat, Bamboozled!

    Bride, Boat, Bamboozled!

    Season 1 Episode 1: After beginning a week completely jam-packed with cake orders, Buddy gets a call from a customer he cannot possibly turn down - a photo spread in Brides Magazine. But last minute changes mean Buddy has to crack the whip to make the deadline!
  • Bday, Bunny, Burnt Food

    Bday, Bunny, Burnt Food

    Season 1 Episode 3: It's one of the busiest weeks of the year at Carlo's Bakery with orders pouring in for Easter and a last minute Easter Bunny cake turns into more than the team bargained for. And the family is nervous when Grace decides to cook Easter Dinner for everyone.
  • Silly Seuss & Surprise!

    Silly Seuss & Surprise!

    Season 7 Episode 10: One cake, two cakes. Cat cake, hat cake! Watch Buddy make a Dr. Suess cake using gears and levers that won't break. Then, the family tries to surprise Buddy himself, but tricking the king of Carlo's won't be easy.
  • Pucks, Pastries & Pushy Grace

    Pucks, Pastries & Pushy Grace

    Season 4 Episode 8: Buddy gets a request from two hockey-loving boys who want a full size arcade-style hockey table cake complete with moving figures that can actually be played.
  • Fast Hands & a Flaming Pearl

    Fast Hands & a Flaming Pearl

    Season 7 Episode 4: Celebrate Chinese New Year Cake Boss-style! Buddy heads down to Chinatown with a Dragon themed cake to ring in the Lunar New Year. But first, the team must create a life-sized punching bag for a couple of mixed martial arts fighters at a local gym.
  • New Deli, New Design

    New Deli, New Design

    Season 7 Episode 14: It's a busy week when Buddy makes a special deli case cake for a family friend. Meanwhile, his sisters request a special cake to celebrate three first communions. And Mary's confidence grows as she takes on more consultations at Lackawanna.
  • Hurricane Sandy Strikes

    Hurricane Sandy Strikes

    Season 9 Episode 1: Days after Hurricane Sandy, Buddy and the crew return to Carlo's to assess the devestation it's left behind. With no electricity and clients who still need cake orders, the team will have to work their decorating magic in near darkness, but for how long?
  • Wedding, Water, Wacked

    Wedding, Water, Wacked

    Season 1 Episode 4: The team at Carlo's is hoping not to get whacked when they're asked to make a huge roulette table cake for a local businessman. It's also the start of wedding season and the time-consuming wedding cake orders are piling up, throwing Buddy off the handle.
  • Undead, Unclothed, Unhappy Momma

    Undead, Unclothed, Unhappy Momma

    Season 1 Episode 6: Buddy is thrown out of his comfort zone when he's asked to make a zombie cake for a couple of undead clients. This week the team also has to make an erotic bachelorette cake for some wild women. It's all fun and games until Mama finds out!
  • Chinese Culture & Cannolis

    Chinese Culture & Cannolis

    Season 1 Episode 10: The Carlo's team has a unique and challenging cake to make this week, a traditional Chinese dragon cake for a dragon boat racing team. It's also a big week at the bakery preparing hundreds of cannoli shells for the annual $.25 Throw Back Cannoli Day.
  • Painters, Pool & Pink

    Painters, Pool & Pink

    Season 2 Episode 3: Buddy creates a billiards table cake for football player Justin Tuck and gets an opportunity to show off his pool skills. The bakery gets a make-over with unexpected results and Buddy makes a cake for the painters.
  • Icing the Cake

    Icing the Cake

    Season 10 Episode 9: Buddy is making a goalie cake for the National Hockey League Draft, which will be delivered on live television. Buddy re-creates a wedding cake for a couple celebrating 50 years of marriage. Momma, returns from Israel with news about her health.
  • Cake Boss: Fire,Fashionista,Family

    Cake Boss: Fire,Fashionista,Family

    Season 1 Episode 2: Buddy and his team learn that where there's smoke, there's fire when they have to build a fire engine cake complete with working lights, siren and smoke. Also, Buddy recreates his father's trademark cake for the family memorial dinner.
  • Cars, Collapse & Couture

    Cars, Collapse & Couture

    Season 2 Episode 16: Buddy and his team get the order of a lifetime when they're asked to make a life-size replica of a NASCAR out of cake for the Retail Bakers Association's annual convention in Charlotte, NC.
  • A Princess, A Pirate & a Perplexing Arch

    A Princess, A Pirate & a Perplexing Arch

    Season 3 Episode 8: A client drives all the way from St. Louis to order an over-the-top cake for the grand opening of a casino. Meanwhile, Buddy doesn't want to disappoint his toughest critic Mary, when he's asked to make a pirate-themed cake for her twin's birthday party.
  • Fiery Competition

    Fiery Competition

    Season 10 Episode 11: Buddy celebrates Joe's firefighter promotion by making a firetruck and burning building cake. The team makes a Bocce themed cake for a charity tournament. The bakery's pride is on the line as the team is challenged to compete.
  • Frescos, Fountains & Family Wishes

    Frescos, Fountains & Family Wishes

    Season 3 Episode 17: The Valastro's continue their trip around Italy visiting the capital city of Rome. Buddy, Ralph and Danny get a culture lesson when they're asked to make a cake inspired by a fresco painting for an art collector.
  • Rebuilds & Raw Fish

    Rebuilds & Raw Fish

    Season 9 Episode 5: Buddy and his team are making a cake to raise money for hurricane relief in Hoboken, that is if they can spell everything right on the cake! Later, Buddy makes a sushi boat cake for a local Japanese restaurant.
  • Momma's Birthday Surprise

    Momma's Birthday Surprise

    Season 9 Episode 16: Buddy joins the Habitat for Humanity's Rebuild Atlantic City Project and makes a special cake in the process. And to celebrate Momma's 65th birthday, the family has a special video prepared and a bigger announcement that could change Momma's life.
  • Monkey Business and Mary in Charge

    Monkey Business and Mary in Charge

    Season 13 Episode 16: Buddy and his family snow tube in the Poconos. Meanwhile, Mary and Carlo's team make a cake for a zoo to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Monkey. Buddy Castano is getting ready for college, but Mauro and Madeline are having a hard time letting go.
  • Miss Richfield, Matryoshkas and a Melt Down

    Miss Richfield, Matryoshkas and a Melt Down

    Season 11 Episode 18: Buddy's most memorable client, Miss Richfield 1981, needs a cake for New York City's Gay Pride Family Night. Plus, Buddy makes a cake to celebrate Russian heritage month to feature matryoshka dolls. Wedding season is taking a toll on everyone.
  • Soldiers, Sand, Salads

    Soldiers, Sand, Salads

    Season 1 Episode 9: Buddy and Co are like kids in a toy store - literally, when they are asked to make a FAO Schwarz-themed cake for a twins birthday party. They also have a beach-themed cake to create for a local beach club and the Carlo's team have a weight loss challenge.