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The Best Episodes of Californication

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There are so many good episodes of Californication, but which ones really stand out? Do you like "The Apartment" the best, or is "... And Justice for All" your favorite episode of Californication? To determine once and for all what the best episodes of Californication are, let's rank every Californication episode from best to worst.

Californication was a comedy-drama that aired for seven seasons on Showtime, from August 13, 2007 to June 29, 2014. In it, an esteemed, but troubled, New York novelist leaves his city and moves out west, to California. There, he attempts to find the purpose in life, but can't get out of his own way to make the right decisions. David Duchovny starred as Hank Moody, and the rest of the Californication cast included Natascha McElhone, Madeleine Martin, Evan Handler, Pamelon Adlon, Madeline Zima, and Stephen Tobolowsky. The 2017 series White Famous is tied to Californication, with some of the former's characters making their first appearance on the latter.

Vote up your favorite episodes of Californication, and downvote any bad episodes that you really didn't enjoy, despite how much you love the series as a whole. It can be painful to put one Californication episode over the other when there are so many good ones, which is why you can vote on however many episodes you like.

  • The Apartment1
    Season 3 Episode 8: Hank's in for a hedonistic night to remember when Jackie and two stripper friends arrive at his doorstep, unannounced. The next morning, before Hank can escort his new friends from the apartment, Charlie shows up with a verbally abusive Rick Springfield. Hank's forced to hide the hung-over party girls all over the house after Jill and Felicia pay surprise visits. The charade reaches its boiling point when Dean Koons arrives on the scene, resulting in a messy catharsis by fire.
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  • La Petite Mort2
    Season 2 Episode 12: Hank completes his biography of Ashby; Charlie is reduced to working at a car dealership; Sonja gives birth; Karen accepts a job offer back home in New York.
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  • The Last Waltz3
    Season 1 Episode 12: The wedding of Karen and Bill provides the impetus for emotional crises and revelations that threaten to derail the entire ceremony.
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  • Exile on Main St.4
    Season 4 Episode 1: In the Season 4 premiere, Hank is bailed out of jail to find that his literary sex scandal has made him the toast of Hollywood and the target of a lawsuit - as well as estranged him from Karen and Becca.
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  • ...And Justice For All5
    Season 4 Episode 12: In the Season 4 finale, as Hank awaits sentencing, the lines between his real life and the movie based on his life blur as the film's star hits on his ex-wife and he feels stirrings of passion for the actress hired to play Karen.
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  • Pilot6
    Season 1 Episode 1: In the series premiere, Hank is dismayed when he sees the film version of his acclaimed novel and learns that his ex-girlfriend and love of his life, Karen, is engaged to another man.
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  • Mia Culpa7
    Season 3 Episode 12: As the Moodys at last prepare to move to New York, Becca tells Hank about an intimate coming of age experience she had. Hank's stunned when Mia shows up at the house unannounced, in town with her slimy boyfriend / manager PAUL for a book signing. Hank fails to prevent Mia and Paul from hatching a devious publicity stunt, forcing Hank to finally share the long-buried heartbreaking secret with Karen. Sue Collini gives Charlie a career opportunity of a lifetime, but Charlie must confront the fact that he might be losing Marcy for good.
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  • The Devil's Threesome8
    Season 1 Episode 10: A boxing movie turns into a mini-orgy for Hank and his new roommate Charlie, but their ecstasy soon turns to agony.
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  • California Son9
    Season 1 Episode 8: Hank receives bad news about his father and embarks on a grief-stricken bender of booze and drugs.
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  • Monkey Business10
    Season 4 Episode 4: A meeting to discuss Hank's recently completed movie script ends with a billionaire dead in a bathroom; Marcy suspects that she might be pregnant; Karen meets a potential new boyfriend in the artist father of one of Becca's bandmates.
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  • Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be11
    Season 5 Episode 12: Hank hits the local watering-hole, only something's amiss. Not only does Mr. Moody find himself surrounded by shadowy figures, but the bartender is an old, departed friend. Is Hank dreaming or has he finally made it to hell? Next it's onto the set of Santa Monica Cop where Sam's jealousy - and fondness for firearms - gives Charlie an opportunity to show just how much he loves his best friend and number one client. Later, Hank's ex-girlfriend surprises him with a way for them to be together forever.
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  • Blues From Laurel Canyon12
    Season 2 Episode 11: Ashby hosts a party to celebrate the publication of Mia's book; Charlie announces to Marcy, who has just completed rehab, that he wants a divorce; Becca is devastated to catch Damien cheating on her.
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  • In Utero13
    Season 2 Episode 10: Hank nervously awaits medical test results while reflecting on the early days of his romance with Karen, which coincided with a famous grunge rocker's overdose.
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  • Grace14
    Season 7 Episode 12: Hank makes a life-altering decision. Series finale.
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  • Zoso15
    Season 3 Episode 4: Becca drags Hank to a trendy shopping boutique to pick out some more grown-up attire. But Hank isn't so sure he likes the "new" Becca's makeover. At work, Hank juggles sexual encounters with teacher's aide Jill and boss Felicia. And finally, in an attempt to figure out why talented writer Jackie is missing class, Hank drags Charlie to the strip club where she works. Unfortunately, temptation gets the better of the Hank. Charlie and Marcy attempt to sell their house, but an unexpected surprise chases the buyers away.
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  • Another Perfect Day16
    Season 4 Episode 9: Evicted from his apartment, Hank moves back in with Karen and Becca while he prepares for his trial and teaches his daughter to drive; while Karen's out on a date with Ben, Becca and Pearl steal the Porsche and wreck it.
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  • I'll Lay My Monsters Down17
    Season 6 Episode 12: Hank makes a big decision, which affects his future with Faith. Charlie and Marcy also make a decision. Troops must be rallied to ensure Atticus makes it to The Greek Theatre for his co-headlining gig with MARILYN MANSON.
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  • The Abby18
    Season 6 Episode 11: Hank and Faith join forces to track down Atticus. Surprisingly, Becca is the only person who can really help. Marcy's outing with Ophelia leaves her a little tied up. Charlie's response to a curious message reveals the true feelings between the two exes.
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  • Coke Dick And The First Kick19
    Season 2 Episode 6: Hank sets out to track down Lew's long-lost first love, and discovers that Sonja and her self-help guru boyfriend Julian have an open relationship; Mia spends a day trailed by a Rolling Stone reporter; Charlie's house becomes a porn set.
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  • Slip Of The Tongue20
    Season 2 Episode 1: Hank and Karen plan to move back to New York together, but their reunion is short-lived thanks to a series of drunken incidents and Hank's subsequent arrest.
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  • Girls, Interrupted21
    Season 1 Episode 7: Hank makes peace with his archenemy, Todd, and lands Karen a designing gig in the process.
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  • The Raw & The Cooked22
    Season 2 Episode 4: Hank and Karen's dinner party is derailed by Hank's botched marriage proposal to Karen, the revelation that Hank is likely the father of their friend Sonja's baby, and Lew's near-death from an allergic reaction to sushi.
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  • Hell-A Woman23
    Season 1 Episode 2: Hank reluctantly accepts a blogger gig for a hip L.A. web site.
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  • Suicide Solution24
    Season 4 Episode 2: Hank polishes off a day of flaky neediness with a creative meeting about his potential new movie that ends with him hiding in a starlet's bathroom and accidentally overdosing on booze and sleeping pills.
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  • Faith, Hope, Love25
    Season 7 Episode 9: A run-in with a nun helps Hank put things into perspective.
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