The Best Episodes of Clarence

There are so many good episodes of Clarence, but which ones really stand out? Do you like "Pizza Hero / Valentimes" the best, or is "Dream Boat / Slumber Party" your favorite episode of Clarence? To determine once and for all what the best episodes of Clarence are, let's rank every Clarence episode from best to worst.

Clarence, an animated TV series by Skyler Page, premiered on Cartoon Network on April 14, 2014. The series stars Page as Clarence Wendle, Sean Giambrone as Jeffrey "Jeff" Randell, and Tom Kenny as Ryna "Sumo" Sumouski. Clarence has been nominated at the Emmys, the British Academy Children's Awards, and the Annie Awards.

Vote up your favorite episodes of Clarence, and downvote any bad episodes that you really didn't enjoy, despite how much you love the series as a whole. It can be painful to put one Clarence episode over the other when there are so many good ones, which is why you can vote on however many episodes you like.

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  • Money Broom Wizard / Lost in the Supermarket

    Money Broom Wizard / Lost in the Supermarket

    Season 1 Episode 3: Money Broom Wizard: Clarence, Jeff and Sumo manage to have a good time at "Pizza Swamp" Arcade with only one dollar to spend. / Lost in the Supermarket: During a trip to the supermarket with his Mom, Clarence discovers produce adventure and coupon intrigue in aisle five.
  • Pilot


    Season 1 Episode 1: In this pilot episode, Clarence hosts a party at his house and shows his new friends how to have fun the Clarence way. Meet creator Skyler Page and writer Spencer Rothbell as they introduce you to Clarence and his two best friends, Jeff and Sumo.
  • Pool's Out For Summer / The Big Game

    Pool's Out For Summer / The Big Game

    Season 5 Episode 5: Pool's Out For Summer: The boys go to the Aberdale Community Pool for a day of wet fun! / The Big Game: Chad takes Clarence to his first big game! Clarence takes it all in - the crack of the bat, the touchdown dances, slam-dunks, and of course, hotdogs and popcorn! But will Clarence get to fulfill his dream of meeting Aberdale's beloved mascot?
  • Clarence for President / Rock Show

    Clarence for President / Rock Show

    Season 5 Episode 1: Clarence for President: It's school election time at Aberdale Elementary, and Jeff is once again determined to become Class President. / Rock Show: Chad's band Dogmon, plays a show for the first time in years, giving Clarence and Mary a chance to really rock out.
  • Fun Dungeon Face Off / Pretty Great Day with a Girl

    Fun Dungeon Face Off / Pretty Great Day with a Girl

    Season 1 Episode 2: Fun Dungeon Face Off: Clarence's Mom treats Clarence, Jeff and Sumo to an afternoon at Rough Riders Chicken, a fast food restaurant with a play emporium. / Pretty Great Day with a Girl: Clarence and Amy bond over a hunt for a monstersized rock.
  • Dream Boat / Slumber Party

    Dream Boat / Slumber Party

    Season 1 Episode 9: Dream Boat: Sumo devotes himself to the Sisyphean task of building a boat. / Slumber Party: Clarence struggles to make a connection at an all-girls slumber party.
  • Capture the Flag

    Capture the Flag

    Season 4 Episode 6: Water balloon fights, warring factions and the risk of jail time, everything is on the line when Clarence and friends play the biggest game of capture the flag yet! Everyone wants to take home the crown, and the power to control the neighborhood's juice boxes.
  • Nature Clarence / Average Jeff

    Nature Clarence / Average Jeff

    Season 1 Episode 10: Nature Clarence: Clarence, Sumo and Jeff's nature hike veers off course, prompting Clarence to take the lead. / Average Jeff: Jeff suffers an identity crisis when a test lands him in the lesser of the classes academic groupings.
  • Tuckered Boys / Water Park

    Tuckered Boys / Water Park

    Season 2 Episode 10: Jeff is all set to go to bed so he can wake up for the early morning meteor shower when Clarence suggests the unthinkable: What if they stay up - all night long?! / The trio heads to Squirty's Moist Mountain water park, and as Clarence learns the truth about his idol Squirty, Jeff and Sumo wait in line for the reopening of the parks tallest slide, The Curd Churner.
  • Classroom / Dullance

    Classroom / Dullance

    Season 4 Episode 1: Classroom: Over the course of a single day in Ms. Baker's class, we see how Clarence and his classmates deal with their individual trials during the school day. / Dullance: Burned out from having so many adventures, Clarence struggles to sit around and do nothing.
  • Jeff's Secret / Space Race

    Jeff's Secret / Space Race

    Season 4 Episode 2: Jeff's Secret: When Clarence discovers a new quirk about his friend, Jeff begs Clarence not to tell. Can Clarence resist the urge to expose Jeff's secret to the whole school? / Space Race: With Clarence distracted by the mysterious power of the moon, his class competes to build the highest-flying rocket. Will Sumo's homemade bucket of bolts beat Belson's store-bought rocket?
  • Fun Dungeon Face Off

    Fun Dungeon Face Off

    Season 1 Episode 101: Clarence's Mom treats Clarence, Jeff and Sumo to an afternoon at Rough Riders Chicken, a fast food restaurant with a play emporium.
  • Suspended / Turtle Hats

    Suspended / Turtle Hats

    Season 2 Episode 3: Suspended: Clarence and Sumo hit the jackpot when they get suspended for a week. / Turtle Hats: While reading a confusing text message in class, Ms. Baker accidentally assigns a weekend project on "turtle hats."
  • Patients / Rough Riders Elementary

    Patients / Rough Riders Elementary

    Season 2 Episode 1: Patients: Clarence must somehow navigate the boredom of a doctor's office waiting room to earn the ultimate prize. / Rough Riders Elementary: A corporate sponsorship of Clarence's school turns into an ominous corporate takeover.
  • Birthday / Tree of Life

    Birthday / Tree of Life

    Season 4 Episode 5: Birthday: Jeff and Sumo expect no one to show at Clarence's birthday party, just like last year. When dozens of kids arrive, the boys struggle to get face time with Clarence, the popular party host. / Tree of Life: Clarence, Jeff and Sumo make it their mission to climb a really tall tree before it's set to be chopped down. As they scale higher and higher their reality begins to slip away.
  • The Tails of Mardrynia / Clarence Wendle and the Eye of Coogan

    The Tails of Mardrynia / Clarence Wendle and the Eye of Coogan

    Season 3 Episode 8: The Tails of Mardrynia: After reading a book about a mystical animal society in class, Clarence is inspired to round up local animals and recreate an animal world of his own to cheer up his friend Percy. / Clarence Wendle and the Eye of Coogan: Clarence and a few other students find the crusty old journal of Coogan filled with clues leading to a mysterious treasure.
  • Spooky Boo

    Spooky Boo

    Season 2 Episode 14: After Clarence leads a few neighborhood kids through his homemade haunted house, Chelsea suggests they go to the high school kids haunted house for some real scares.
  • Company Man / Stump Brothers

    Company Man / Stump Brothers

    Season 3 Episode 7: Company Man: When Clarence loses the ball during a soccer game, he ends up following it into an office building, where he's mistaken for the boss's kid and given free reign to wander around. / Stump Brothers: After Clarence and Sumo cause a power outage in Sumo's family home, they're sent off in the hot desert with Sumo's older brother to retrieve a generator part.
  • Field Trippin' / Ice Cream Hunt

    Field Trippin' / Ice Cream Hunt

    Season 3 Episode 6: Field Trippin': After a pit stop bathroom break during a school field trip, Clarence returns to the parking lot and accidentally gets on the wrong school bus - which takes him to a different school! / Ice Cream Hunt: Clarence enlists the help of his eccentric neighbor Larry to take the trio out for ice cream - and the ride of their lives!
  • Belson's Backpack / Motel

    Belson's Backpack / Motel

    Season 4 Episode 8: Belson's Backpack: After an accidental backpack swap, Clarence discovers that Belson is hiding an artistic side and attempts to foster Belson's creativity. / Motel: Following an insect mishap Clarence's house needs to be fumigated forcing Mary, Chad, and Clarence into a motel. In the meantime, Clarence and Chad learn a bit about responsibility while Mary contemplates a life of letting go.
  • Badgers N' Bunkers / Dingus and McNoBrain

    Badgers N' Bunkers / Dingus and McNoBrain

    Season 5 Episode 3: Badgers N' Bunkers: As Sumo's dad Mel prepares the family for over-the-top doomsday scenarios, Sumo struggles to convince his family to let him keep a new pet. / Dingus and McNoBrain: Stuck in detention with Mr. Reese, an annoyed Belson is forced to go along with Mr. Reese's latest makeshift detective mystery.
  • Lizard Day Afternoon / The Forgotten

    Lizard Day Afternoon / The Forgotten

    Season 1 Episode 11: Lizard Day Afternoon: Clarence and Sumo chase a lizard to unexpected rewards. / The Forgotten: Clarence and his indecisive classmate, Brady, are left behind at school.
  • Lil Buddy / Chalmers Santiago

    Lil Buddy / Chalmers Santiago

    Season 2 Episode 9: After playing a bit too aggressively with his Lil Buddy doll, Clarence gets timeout and his worst nightmare comes true - he misses the entire recess! / While Clarence spends a lazy Saturday playing 8-bit adventure game DRAGON'S CUSP, Mary asks him to return some mail to the guy across the street "Chalmers Santiago," whom they've never seen.
  • The Trade

    The Trade

    Season 6 Episode 2: After accidentally trading away Chad's favorite baseball card, Clarence has to trade it back! Determined to become an expert, Clarence transforms himself into a slick salesman, before facing the ultimate deal...
  • Plant Daddies / Bucky and the Howl

    Plant Daddies / Bucky and the Howl

    Season 4 Episode 3: Plant Daddies: When Ms. Baker pairs up the kids to act as parents for a sprout, Sumo and Clarence learn all about good parenting. Jeff buys toys instead of fertilizer and Chelsea and Kimby get to know each other. / Bucky and the Howl: After Clarence learns Sumo's in the school musical, he joins up and enthusiastically promotes the show.