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The Best Episodes of Duck Dynasty

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There are so many good episodes of Duck Dynasty, but which ones really stand out? Do you like "The Campfire Diaries" the best, or is "Techs and Balances" your favorite episode of Duck Dynasty? To determine once and for all what the best episodes of Duck Dynasty are, let's rank every Duck Dynasty episode from best to worst.

Duck Dynasty, a reality TV series about the Robertson family in Monroe, Louisiana, ran for 11 seasons on A&E. It premiered on March 21, 2012 and concluded on March 29, 2017. Following the daily lives of Willie Robertson, his wife Korie, daughter Sadie, and son John Luke, Duck Dynasty was so called due to the family's fortunes from their Duck Commander business.

Vote up your favorite episodes of Duck Dynasty, and downvote any bad episodes that you really didn't enjoy, despite how much you love the series as a whole. It can be painful to put one Duck Dynasty episode over the other when there are so many good ones, which is why you can vote on however many episodes you like.

  • 1
    Season 3 Episode 1: Tomorrow is the opening day of Duck Season and the men are carrying on their tradition of camping on the Robertson Land the night before... including Willie.
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  • 2
    Season 3 Episode 11: Willie calls the team into work on a Saturday afternoon for an HR training session, but the seminar quickly dissolves from unproductive to complete disaster.
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  • 3
    Season 1 Episode 4: Brotherly competition gets the best of Willie when he ditches his kids' career day to go play golf with Jase. Stepping in for Willie, Phil and Si show up at the school and become the teachers' worst nightmare.
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  • 4
    Season 1 Episode 13: Jase volunteers to take the Duck Commander RV out on pick up, but neglects to mention to Willie, he's taking Si, Martin and Jep along for a road trip.
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  • 5
    Season 3 Episode 13: After all their hard work, Willie decides to take the entire Robertson clan on a family vacation to Hawaii.
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  • 6
    Season 4 Episode 6: John Luke and Sadie are getting some dental work done, complete with sedation, and it's up to Willie and Korie to take care of them through the process.
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  • 7
    Season 4 Episode 1: Everyone comes together to plan a surprise wedding for Phil and Kay, setting up a special ceremony on their land, which the whole family attends. Si distracts Phil and Kay with a "trip down memory lane".
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  • 8
    Season 2 Episode 9: Willie receives a special gift from a Japanese business associate - a "priceless" samurai sword, which Willie keeps out of the hands of Jase and the guys.
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  • 9
    Season 3 Episode 5: With Willie out-of-town, the guys decide to flake off work and leave to brush up the duck blinds on the Robertson land.
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  • 10
    Season 2 Episode 6: When a heat wave envelops West Monroe the air conditioning unit at the Duck Commander warehouse goes down.
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  • 11
    Season 10 Episode 7: When a large storm hits Monroe, most of the adults head to Phil and Kay's to help protect their house from flooding.
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  • 12
    Season 2 Episode 2: With Sadie's (Willie's daughter) driver's license test fast approaching, she finds herself in dire need of lessons.
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  • 13
    Season 1 Episode 7: It's duck blind maintenance time again and the boys have discovered the waterline is low.
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  • 14
    Season 3 Episode 2: Gearing up for his high school reunion, Willie realizes that he could stand to lose a few pounds. Jase and Korie set out to help him.
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  • 15
    Season 10 Episode 5: When Jase and Jep get into an argument over which of them is the rightful heir to their grandfather's old rifle.
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  • 16
    Season 1 Episode 9: Willie decides to expand the Duck Commander brand into the winemaking industry and buys a vineyard...sight unseen.
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  • 17
    Season 3 Episode 4: When the warehouse guys new office pet (a lizard) escapes, they try all they can in order to catch the wily reptile.
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  • 18
    Season 1 Episode 2: Phil decides to teach his grandkids the value of a hard day's work by building a football field and culminating in a family football game. But Robertson vs. Robertson competition is further sparked.
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  • 19
    Season 11 Episode 12: Rowdy's adoption is finalized and he officially becomes a Robertson. Jase gets his first massage and enjoys it more than he expected.
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  • 20
    Season 10 Episode 8: Willie accompanies Kay to a local bingo tournament and gets seduced by the game, eventually embarrassing himself and Kay with his enthusiasm.
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  • 21
    Season 10 Episode 10: When the Robertson brothers debate which of their wives makes the best cornbread, it escalates into a full-on cornbread cook off.
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  • 22
    Season 11 Episode 11: The family spends a weekend at their childhood summer camp, reliving old memories and working to repair a tennis court Willie built twenty years ago.
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  • 23
    Season 1 Episode 10: While out duck hunting, Willie, Jase, and Uncle Si stumble across what redneck's consider nature's most prized succulent treasure.
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  • 24
    Season 2 Episode 7: After Korie decides the junk piles in the Duck Commander warehouse are beginning to reach critical mass.
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  • 25
    Season 1 Episode 3: After a big order comes in Willie pushes the Duck Commander team to meet the tight deadline, so Jase and the warehouse guys come up with a plan to build a conveyer belt.
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