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The Best Episodes of Extreme Couponing

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There are so many good episodes of Extreme Couponing, but which ones really stand out? Do you like "Missy & Amy" the best, or is "Tai and Tarin & Nathan" your favorite episode of Extreme Couponing? To determine once and for all what the best episodes of Extreme Couponing are, let's rank every Extreme Couponing episode from best to worst.

Extreme Couponing was an American reality TV series that originally aired on TLC for three seasons, from December 29, 2010 to December 4, 2012. The show followed shoppers as they attempted to save as much as possible through the use of coupons while buying the most groceries. The third season of Extreme Couponing was named for the stand-out shoppers, simply called Extreme Couponing: All-Stars. Two years after season 3 ended, a new version of Extreme Couponing returned, but on Discovery Family, and timed to coincide with Thanksgiving.

Vote up your favorite episodes of Extreme Couponing, and downvote any bad episodes that you really didn't enjoy, despite how much you love the series as a whole. It can be painful to put one Extreme Couponing episode over the other when there are so many good ones, which is why you can vote on however many episodes you like.

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    Season 1 Episode 4: Florida mega-donator Missy plans to make over $50 using coupons. In Missouri, super-frugal Amy will plan to buy over $400 worth of groceries for under $10.
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    Season 1 Episode 1: Maryland based J'aime plans to use her coupons to get nearly $2000 worth of groceries for around her $100 budget. In Texas, Tiffany and her husband must rethink their couponing strategy when she finds out her grocery store couponing policy has changed.
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    Season 1 Episode 2: St. Louis couponer Rebecca will plan to fit all her food needs for her huge party into her monthly food budget of $50. Idaho super-mom Jessica will attempt to pull off 18 separate transactions to get over $600 worth of groceries.
  • 4
    Season 1 Episode 3: Identical twins Tai and Tarin get birthday freebies. Nathan in Kentucky prepares 1,000 military care packages.
  • 5
    Season 1 Episode 5: Money-savvy Desirae is so thrifty, she doesn't even pay for newspapers: she gets all of her coupons from public recycling bins. Stephanie teaches her son to coupon before he goes off to college.
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    Season 1 Episode 6: Chris tries to get 700 donation items for $0. Single mother Antoinette coupons to take care of her mother and daughter.
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    Season 1 Episode 7: Seattle mother of four Amber must bring all of her kids shopping when her babysitter is late. Meanwhile, extreme couponer Tammilee from Spokane saves up money to go on multiple vacations with her husband each year.
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    Season 1 Episode 9: Arizona's Amber Flores feeds her family of six on just $50 a week. Meanwhile, in Georgia Amanda tries to impress her grandmother by besting her own couponing haul record.
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    Season 1 Episode 10: In Georgia, Kelly is ready to show her best friend her stockpile and takes her along on a shopping spree to show off her couponing skills. In Idaho, stay-at-home Rebecca brings her skeptical husband along to try and spark some interest.
  • 10
    Season 1 Episode 11: Ohio's Joni supports her family of nine along with her charities through couponing. She tries to get $3,100 worth of groceries for less than $100. In Washington state, Angelique stays up all night planning for her shopping trip.
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    Season 1 Episode 12: Scott, from Long Island, NY, gears up for one last shopping trip before his wife Amy gives birth. Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, Jen uses couponing to home school her twin six-year-olds.
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    Season 2 Episode 1: In Connecticut, Judy is known as the "Couponator," and uses couponing to help her family and friends. Faatima is couponing in order to move her family out of their dangerous neighborhood in Detroit and wants to take her stockpile with them to Hawaii.
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    Season 2 Episode 2: April runs her troop of seven kids with military discipline. They shop to feed 200 parishioners and their family for a month for under $100. Carla shops to feed 20 guests at her lake house and faces unexpected competition from her best friend Amanda.
  • 14
    Season 2 Episode 3: Erin only has $150 to feed 280 wedding guests at her little sister's wedding in upstate New York. In North Carolina, Shavon's grandma left her a treasure trove of coupons with no expiration dates.
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    Season 2 Episode 4: Michelle clears North Carolina's supermarket shelves when she finds a good deal. In California, Kelly supports her whole family, including her daughter, sick father, and deaf and blind brother on just $25,000 a year.
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    Season 2 Episode 5: Michelle from Missouri is using her coupon savings to build a dream home for her family. In Indiana, 20 year old college student Tyler hopes to pad his wallet and impress his mom with his couponing skills.
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    Season 2 Episode 6: In Colorado, Callie's family of five lives off of student loans and couponing while her husband attends engineering school. Georgia's Kelly plans a big back-to-school shopping trip, with her best friend Candi, a rookie couponer.
  • 18
    Season 2 Episode 7: In Virginia, couponer Perry raises her family on a vegan diet. New York's Melissa takes her coupon-skeptic brother to get groceries to donate to the Ronald McDonald House, a charity that helped Melissa when her son was born premature.
  • 19
    Season 2 Episode 8: Katherine from New Hampshire has over 400 rolls of paper towels in her stockpile. She will embark on a major haul before taking a six month break from couponing. California's Joel is a 16-year-old who is obsessed with couponing.
  • 20
    Season 2 Episode 9: In Florida, expectant mother Heather shops for groceries and baby clothes at Kmart. "Mississippi's Smartest Shopper" Bree who makes her own laundry detergent to save money, tries to beat her budget of $140 for a month's worth of groceries.
  • 21
    Season 2 Episode 10: In Florida, returning couponer Missy plans to get 700 toothbrushes and other supplies to donate to a center that helps teen moms. Also in Florida, former marine and single mother Nicole is able to keep daughter in dance lessons because of couponing.
  • 22
    Season 2 Episode 11: In Kansas, 21 year old single mother of two KT attempts a $4,000 haul at her local Kmart but line-item limits at the register threaten the success of her trip. And Connecticut mom Erin supports her family of five with coupons.
  • 23
    Season 2 Episode 12: Extreme donators Chris and Ashley try to get over a thousand dollars' worth of groceries for $0 in a major haul for Feeding America. In Ohio, Joni is back with her "coupontourage" in tow to help her get extra food for their donation.
  • 24
    Season 3 Episode 1: Messy Missouri couponer Erin tries to get a haul worth over $2,000 for free, but her unorganized method may be her downfall. Kentucky college student Dominique and his frat brothers use their stockpile of gelatin for a pool at an epic college party.
  • 25
    Season 3 Episode 2: Ohio high school senior Cole clips coupons in classl. In Washington state, pregnant couponer Angelique must restock her shelves before going on bed rest