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The Best Episodes of Extreme Couponing

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There are so many good episodes of Extreme Couponing, but which ones really stand out? Do you like "Missy & Amy" the best, or is "Tai and Tarin & Nathan" your favorite episode of Extreme Couponing? To determine once and for all what the best episodes of Extreme Couponing are, let's rank every Extreme Couponing episode from best to worst.

Extreme Couponing was an American reality TV series that originally aired on TLC for three seasons, from December 29, 2010 to December 4, 2012. The show followed shoppers as they attempted to save as much as possible through the use of coupons while buying the most groceries. The third season of Extreme Couponing was named for the stand-out shoppers, simply called Extreme Couponing: All-Stars. Two years after season 3 ended, a new version of Extreme Couponing returned, but on Discovery Family, and timed to coincide with Thanksgiving.

Vote up your favorite episodes of Extreme Couponing, and downvote any bad episodes that you really didn't enjoy, despite how much you love the series as a whole. It can be painful to put one Extreme Couponing episode over the other when there are so many good ones, which is why you can vote on however many episodes you like.

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    Season 3 Episode 3: Jeff comes from a New Jersey dynasty of male couponers and is passing the torch to his son Sam. But first, 8 year old Sam must pull off his first solo couponing trip. Ohio basketball coach Kelly is couponing for her basketball team's post game party.
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    Season 3 Episode 4: South Carolina waitress and mom Joyce is a coupon addict. She had an unhealthy relationship with food, but now focuses all of her energy on couponing. In Michigan Aprille works at an auto dealership & bribes her co-workers with snacks from her stockpile.
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    Season 3 Episode 5: Alabama minister and couponer Adrienne spreads her love of couponing to her congregation and tries to convert a skeptical friend into a coupon believer. In New Hampshire, 14 year old couponer Sarah controls all of her family's grocery shopping.
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    Season 3 Episode 6: Louisiana couponer Lisa hopes to spend $15 for a month's worth of groceries to feed her family of six. Pennsylvania coupon general April plans to feed 300 guests at her daughter Zeta's quinceañera for less than $100.
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    Season 3 Episode 7: Pittsburgh couponer Jane must save enough at the store to cover much needed home repairs, tempers flare when she brings her skeptic daughter Lindsey. In Connecticut, veteran couponer Judy teaches a coupon class and puts three of her students to the test.
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    Season 3 Episode 8: In Maryland, pregnant couponer Krista dumpster dives for coupons and bags up her husband's clothes to make more room in their closet for her stockpile. Georgia shopaholic Amanda must get all of the food for her sister's baby shower for less than $60.
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    Season 4 Episode 1: Georgia couponer Rudy and her husband, Chase, are renewing their vows and Rudy wants to spend just $20 on the reception. And on Long Island, Gia attempts to feed her 16-person Italian family dinner for under $100.
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    Season 4 Episode 2: Julie has the chance to land her dream job: being paid to coupon for a sober home for teenage boys. Faatima is determined to get healthy and lose weight. So she brings her personal trainer to the store to help her buy healthy items.
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    Season 4 Episode 3: Georgia's April and Chasity are best friends and couponing partners who are saving up for new stockpile storage buildings. But when a romantic lunch turns into a couponing challenge, their husbands' attempt to coupon threatens their savings.
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    Season 4 Episode 4: Ohio couponer drags her husband to the store to shop for their daughter's graduation party. Broderick is a 15-year old from Kansas who loves the control that couponing gives him over his house, especially his older sisters.
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    Season 4 Episode 5: Susan is the original Queen of Couponing . She even has a coupon robot. For her 40th “couponiversary,” she tries to beat her savings record. Cole recently started school at The Ohio State University. His roommate Brian has some stockpile requests.
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    Season 4 Episode 6: Maryann throws her daughter a coupon-themed 12th birthday party to convince her friends and neighbors to start couponing. 15-year-old Haley is the boss of her whole family when it comes to grocery shopping. She starts to save up for her first car.
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    Season 4 Episode 7: In Georgia, Amanda tries to teach her parents to coupon so she can take some time off from shopping. Jess is a shopaholic and coupon addict. Her husband agrees to go shopping with her to make sure that she donates her entire ha
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    Season 4 Episode 8: Zadia takes her friends couponing to prove that she can still get super savings. Briana and her boyfriend Jose are ready to get engaged but, like any good couponer, Briana refuses to go into debt to pay for the ring. Jose has a different plan.