The Best Episodes of Flea Market Flip

There are so many good episodes of Flea Market Flip, but which ones really stand out? Do you like "The Refoundry Flip" the best, or is "Creative Best Friends Flip" your favorite episode of Flea Market Flip? To determine once and for all what the best episodes of Flea Market Flip are, let's rank every Flea Market Flip episode from best to worst.

Flea Market Flip is a reality competition series in which competitors search for value pieces at flea markets and refurbish them for resale. The goal is to make a profit, and the competitor who does best on a budget of $500 wins $5,000. Flea Market Flip is hosted by Lara Spencer and airs on HGTV. Each episode has its own story, so don't feel like you have to watch Flea Market Flip from the very first episode if you see others you're interested in.

Vote up your favorite episodes of Flea Market Flip, and downvote any bad episodes that you really didn't enjoy, despite how much you love the series as a whole. It can be painful to put one Flea Market Flip episode over the other when there are so many good ones, which is why you can vote on however many episodes you like.

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  • Rockers vs. Besties

    Rockers vs. Besties

    Season 6 Episode 3: Rockers turn it up to 11 when they take on bargain-hunting best buds.
  • Stormville Flea Market Flip

    Stormville Flea Market Flip

    Season 1 Episode 3: Married couples battle for the best find and flip of a repurposed piece.
  • The Refoundry Flip

    The Refoundry Flip

    Season 10 Episode 14: Teams representing the nonprofit Refoundry face off for a chance at $5,000.
  • Down to the Penny

    Down to the Penny

    Season 1 Episode 7: Design-savvy, sassy sisters take on artistic friends in this episode.
  • Team USA vs. Team Canada

    Team USA vs. Team Canada

    Season 4 Episode 2: Two Canadian craftsmen go up against two style-savvy Americans.
  • Flips Like Sugar and Honey

    Flips Like Sugar and Honey

    Season 10 Episode 11: A sweet couple takes on a pair of engaged flippers for a shot at $5,000.
  • Creative Best Friends Flip

    Creative Best Friends Flip

    Season 1 Episode 2: It's urban duo versus creative pair for the best flea market find and flip.
  • Bundle Up for Stormy Weather!

    Bundle Up for Stormy Weather!

    Season 10 Episode 12: Married upcyclers take on cousins from Brooklyn for a shot at $5,000.
  • Nothing But Net Profit

    Nothing But Net Profit

    Season 9 Episode 13: A pair of college buddies throws down against fired-up best friends.
  • City vs. Country

    City vs. Country

    Season 5 Episode 4: City slickers take on sassy country girls in a battle for $5,000.
  • Prohibition and Pop Stars

    Prohibition and Pop Stars

    Season 2 Episode 3: College friends Merry and Jessica face NY artisans Chuck and Suzanne.
  • Is Gaudy Good?

    Is Gaudy Good?

    Season 2 Episode 2: Style hunters Nancy and Julie take on best friends Vanessa and Arthur.
  • The Battle of the Islanders

    The Battle of the Islanders

    Season 7 Episode 7: A duo from the Caribbean takes on a pair of Long Island ladies.
  • Battle of the Dining Sets

    Battle of the Dining Sets

    Season 4 Episode 9: Two teams serve up their dining sets to New York flea market shoppers.
  • Wives vs. Husbands

    Wives vs. Husbands

    Season 6 Episode 14: Two wives take on their crafty husbands for $5,000 and bragging rights.
  • Flipping Bingo

    Flipping Bingo

    Season 6 Episode 11: Team Bingo takes on an antique-loving duo in an effort to win $5,000.
  • Flea Market Flip

    Flea Market Flip

    Season 1 Episode 1: In the series premiere, two teams try to "flip" their "finds" for profit.

  • An Egg-cellent Flip

    An Egg-cellent Flip

    Season 9 Episode 6: Engaged flippers take on soulmates to see whose project is more profitable.
  • Bilingual Babes vs. Flip-sters

    Bilingual Babes vs. Flip-sters

    Season 4 Episode 12: Professional 'flip-sters' take on bilingual beauties in a flea market bout.
  • Mom-Daughter Showdown

    Mom-Daughter Showdown

    Season 2 Episode 13: The fur flies with our mother/daughter duos.
  • Fashion vs. Function

    Fashion vs. Function

    Season 4 Episode 4: Stylish sisters challenge expert craftsmen: will fashion or function win?
  • Battle of the Chaise

    Battle of the Chaise

    Season 2 Episode 1: Friends Renita and Charmaine take on sweethearts John Paul and Ashleigh.
  • Four's the Lucky Number

    Four's the Lucky Number

    Season 1 Episode 4: Teams find, fix-up and flip projects by selling them at the Brooklyn Flea.
  • Heads or Tails

    Heads or Tails

    Season 3 Episode 9: Fashionable friends go up against fun-loving friends Dianne and Clyde.
  • Goth vs. Glamour

    Goth vs. Glamour

    Season 2 Episode 4: Goth lovebirds Clara and Micah spar with fashionistas Sophia and Geri.