The Best Episodes of Four Weddings

There are so many good episodes of Four Weddings, but which ones really stand out? Do you like "And a Toast to Me" the best, or is "And a Yacht" your favorite episode of Four Weddings? To determine once and for all what the best episodes of Four Weddings are, let's rank every Four Weddings episode from best to worst.

With each episode of the British reality TV series Four Weddings, four couples visit one another's weddings and act as judges, rating the affair on dress, venue, food, and overall experience. Four Weddings then awards the bride and groom who score the highest with a luxury honeymoon. This series follows different people each episode, so don't feel like you have to watch them in any particular order.

Vote up your favorite episodes of Four Weddings, and downvote any bad episodes that you really didn't enjoy, despite how much you love the series as a whole. It can be painful to put one Four Weddings episode over the other when there are so many good ones, which is why you can vote on however many episodes you like.

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  • And a Fast Food Diet

    And a Fast Food Diet

    Season 3 Episode 5: Tulisa's garden nuptials leave her guests in peaceful tranquility while retro-bride Crystal's rockabilly beach party has guests twisting the night away. Erica is splurging on fine wine, but Alli's dying for chicken fingers and French fries.
  • And a Grilled Cheese

    And a Grilled Cheese

    Season 9 Episode 3: Jenny says I do as the Statue of Liberty looks on, and Laura’s guests watch her arrive on a rickshaw to her 20’s soiree. Vanessa wears a dress with an eye-popping slit for her rainbow nuptials, and Princess Stephanie dons three ball gowns on her big day.
  • And A Pizza Delivery

    And A Pizza Delivery

    Season 4 Episode 1: Angel has planned every detail of her hotel wedding, while casual Katie has a Rock Star-themed bash. Julie's religious beliefs mean there will be no dancing or drinking, while Gina's stocked her martini bar reception with signature cocktails.
  • And a Circus

    And a Circus

    Season 7 Episode 4: Becky's circus themed wedding includes peanut girls and a BBQ, while Tanaya's garden reception is catered by a food truck. Evelyn invites her guests to a space observatory, while Carrie's guests hit the water for her cruise ship nuptials.
  • And a Wishing Lantern

    And a Wishing Lantern

    Season 5 Episode 6: Nicole's beach themed wedding is anchored at a Jersey Shore restaurant, while Ty celebrates at her New York penthouse bash. Aurea's afternoon nuptials include a garden ceremony, and Lara treats her guests to a Viennese dessert hour.
  • And a Tour Bus

    And a Tour Bus

    Season 2 Episode 6: Tomboy Bonnie thinks her wedding is the one to beat but will traditional bride Heather agree? Lifelong New Yorker Yolanda has a sexy vintage dress in store for her ex-Chippendale groom but will tough New York cop Ethel be impressed?
  • and an Oathing Stone

    and an Oathing Stone

    Season 9 Episode 8: Jessica’s vintage travel theme transports guests around the globe, while carnival dancers keep guests on the dance floor at Indya’s big day party, Linsie’s zen theme add calm to her winery wedding, while color comes to life at Andrea’s unique ornate venue
  • And a Swarm of Ants

    And a Swarm of Ants

    Season 2 Episode 5: Samantha is a free-spirited bride who runs on her own schedule while Nazia's planned her elaborate Indian wedding down to the minute. Anna is a young bride who is celebrating with a milk and cookie bar, but will that beat Shannon's hip hop fun reception?
  • and an Aircraft Carrier

    and an Aircraft Carrier

    Season 9 Episode 13: Guests dress in their Halloween best at Kimberly’s pumpkin party, while a tiger attends Lindsay’s country chic nuptials. Water, sand and driftwood adorn Crissy’s wedding, while Amie decorates her aircraft carrier venue with cupcake bouquets.
  • and a Go-Kart Race

    and a Go-Kart Race

    Season 9 Episode 9: Guests enjoy go-kart racing at Kelsey’s drive-in theater wedding, while Jen gives sunglasses and hula dances at her backyard party. Kaila has a pig at her glitz and glam soiree, while Mercedes exchanges vows without rings at her nontraditional nuptials.
  • And a Frog Dance

    And a Frog Dance

    Season 4 Episode 9: Aimee favors Gothic wedding décor for her rock and roll wedding, while Megan lightens up with pastel peonies for her centerpieces. Angie's booked an elegant downtown ballroom for her pricey reception and Erica exchanges vows at sunset on the bow of ship.
  • and a Candy Cake

    and a Candy Cake

    Season 9 Episode 20: Shey’s candy theme includes a chocolate and wine unity ceremony, while Alex’s wedding shakes with a wedding party dance off. Desiree’s rooftop party offers scenic views, orchids, and tattoos, while Osuni’s fairy tale soirée excites with a crazy hour.
  • And A Dancing Santa

    And A Dancing Santa

    Season 3 Episode 9: At Kellie's enchanted Christmas, wedding guests waltz with Santa Claus, while at Erica's rocked-out reception, the fists are pumping. Liz makes her grand entrance on a retractable staircase and Charelle is serenaded by her loyal sorority sisters.
  • and a Surprise Bride

    and a Surprise Bride

    Season 9 Episode 19: Ashley pulls off a surprise World War II themed wedding in front of her family and friends, and Liz introduces her bridal party with a flash mob dance. Sarah’s entertainment includes flip cup, while Allison shocks with bridesmaids in white.
  • And a Fairy Garden

    And a Fairy Garden

    Season 6 Episode 6: Heather's garden wedding is inspired by her fairy obsession, and Leah's theme is in honor of her fiancés' Moroccan heritage. Amber's family band provides her reception entertainment, while Nadine Greek gala sparkles with fireworks.
  • And a Snow Machine

    And a Snow Machine

    Season 1 Episode 4: Amber, 31, has created an elegant black tie affair themed wedding for her big day, but will it beat Kristin's, 28, custom crafted wedding? Anastasia, 28, and Jena, 28, also think their winter wonderland themed weddings are the one to beat.
  • And a Hookah Lounge

    And a Hookah Lounge

    Season 6 Episode 1: Dena's kindergarten students offer their take on marital advice, while Ashley brings her wonderland to life with a hookah lounge. Shannon's love of antique keys turns her wedding into a vintage affair and Sarah's BBQ hoedown starts at the watering hole.
  • And a Yacht

    And a Yacht

    Season 6 Episode 5: Solimar's 11 bridesmaids choose their own rainbow-hued dresses, while Kim's party is assigned all black. Melissa makes a dramatic entrance on a yacht and Sheneka impresses with Hollywood impersonators and her own music video.
  • And Fireworks

    And Fireworks

    Season 1 Episode 7: Limor, 24, is throwing a lavish wedding complete with an 8-piece orchestra and fireworks display. But will it be too over-the-top for Selicia's, 38, traditional taste? Cathy, 32, and Lauren, 27, believe their fun filled weddings are the one to beat.
  • Bests and Blunders

    Bests and Blunders

    Every bride thinks her big day is second to none. But one bride's boasts can be another's bust! From the jaw-dropping entrances and show-stopping entertainment to epic blunders and shocking reveals, this is the guide to Four Weddings: Bests and Blunders.
  • And a Shark Tank

    And a Shark Tank

    Season 3 Episode 7: Celeste's couture gown has a removable layer that reveals a feathered skirt. Marisol upstages with a reception inside a theater. Ann's dress includes DYI-handiwork and Soo's day reaches new depths when the certified diver plunges into a shark tank.
  • And an Awkward Pirate

    And an Awkward Pirate

    Season 3 Episode 10: Lauren impresses with an over-the-top spread of food, while Kathiria poursher heart into a sexy Tango. Christina goes for eclectic entertainment at her reception, hiring a pirate and a German oompah band while Jamie shares the aisle with her dog.
  • and a Love Potion

    and a Love Potion

    Season 9 Episode 18: Ashley rocks her vows and heats up the dance floor at her nightclub venue, while Samantha goes wild with animals at her reception. Arlene’s big budget Jewish wedding oozes tradition, while Jen’s reception bubbles with science and fairy tales.
  • And a Toast to Me

    And a Toast to Me

    Season 2 Episode 7: Shyremia's wedding will be shining with glitz and glamour while Lindsay's Jewish ceremony will be packed with emotion and joy. Julie's having her big day on her family's horse farm while K'yera's keeping her big day intimate with only 33 attendees.
  • And a Dance Off

    And a Dance Off

    Season 4 Episode 10: Jenn leaves her wedding décor to the pros while Michelle makes a bouquet from vintage brooches. Ali turns her beach wedding into a black light rave and Renee's vows go from heartfelt to hilarious.