The Best Episodes Of 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia'

There are so many funny episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but which ones really stand out? Do you like "Charlie's Work" the best, or is "The Gang Gets Invincible" the funniest episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia? To determine once and for all what the best episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia are, let's rank every It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode from best to worst.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia on FX stars Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney, Kaitlin Olson, and Danny DeVito. The sitcom series follows the group friends who run Paddy's Pub in South Philadelphia. With season 1, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is the longest-running live-action sitcom ever in American television (lasting longer than previous title-holder, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet).

Vote up your favorite episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and vote down any bad episodes that you really didn't enjoy, despite how much you love the series as a whole. It can be painful to put one It's Always Sunny episode over the other when there are so many good ones, which is why you can vote on however many episodes you like. It doesn't matter if you're a believer of the D.E.N.N.I.S System, or worship at the alter of Pepe Silvia - just vote up your favorite episodes and don't be a jabroni.

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  • Season 4, Episode 13

    Charlie, with the help of the rest of the gang, stages a rock opera based on his song "Nightman."

  • Charlie Work

    Charlie Work

    Season 10, Episode 4

    When a surprise health inspection falls on the same day as one of the gang's less hygienic schemes, Charlie tries to keep the gang working together to make sure Paddy's makes the grade.

  • Season 7, Episode 7

    What's The Gang to do on a rainy day but play the most twisted (and self-made) board game ever. Dee and Dennis square off against Mac, Charlie and Frank in this battle of wits, wild cards and wine.

  • Season 2, Episode 3

    Dennis and Dee get out of the bar business.

    After quitting their job due to Frank's continuing interference, Dennis and Dee decide to seek alternative income by going on welfare. Meanwhile, Mac and Charlie must now bear the consequences of their friends’ departures from the business.

  • Season 9, Episode 3

    Tired of failing to be recognized for their years of service in the bar industry, the gang changes their ways to give the patrons what they think they want.

  • Season 5, Episode 10

    Dennis reveals his full proof system for seducing any woman to the rest of the gang, but none of them can seem to grasp it.

  • Season 8, Episode 9

    Every member of The Gang has something to celebrate at Guigino's, Philly's finest eatery.

  • Season 8, Episode 10

    Court is in session at Paddy's Pub as Frank and Dennis present their cases to the rest of the gang, resulting in a verdict that will change their lives FOREVER...but not really.

  • Season 8, Episode 5

    The Gang gets Freudian as they step into the therapist's office to work through their mountain of issues.

  • The Gang Gets Quarantined

    The Gang Gets Quarantined

    Season 9, Episode 7

    When a severe flu outbreak sweeps Philadelphia the gang voluntarily quarantine themselves inside of Paddy's.

  • Mac and Dennis Move To The Suburbs

    Mac and Dennis Move To The Suburbs

    Season 11, Episode 5

    Mac and Dennis move to the suburbs for the cheap rent and open spaces but learn they may be meant for city life.

  • Season 4, Episode 2

    Mac, Dennis, and Charlie take advantage of rising gas prices by investing in barrels of gasoline and selling them door to door. Dee and Frank decide to expose Bruce Mathis as a terrorist leader when they find out that he plans to give their money to a Muslim community center.

  • The Gang Goes To A Water Park

    The Gang Goes To A Water Park

    Season 12, Episode 2

    The gang takes a trip to a local waterpark, ripe with personal agendas and ulterior motives.

  • Season 4, Episode 5

    After Mac's father is released from prison, Mac and Charlie stage their own deaths to save their lives. Frank, Dee, and Dennis find unique ways of dealing with the loss.

  • Season 6, Episode 3

    The gang attempts to open themselves up to the adventures of the sea after they purchase their 'new' boat.

  • Season 7, Episode 2

    Dee and Dennis take the gang to their favorite childhood vacation spot where things aren't quite how they remember. While Dee and Dennis see the seedy side of the Jersey Shore, Mac, Frank and Charlie have the nights of their lives.

  • Season 5, Episode 8

    When a merchandising convention comes to town, the gang tries to develop marketable products in an attempt to build the Paddy's brand.

  • Hero or Hate Crime?

    Hero or Hate Crime?

    Season 12, Episode 6

    The gang goes to a professional arbitrator to decide who's the rightful owner of a scratch off lottery ticket. While they're there they also try to clear up whether or not the events surrounding the scratcher prove that Frank is a hero or hate monger.

  • Season 5, Episode 7

    There's nothing more American than wrestling.

  • Sweet Dee's Is Dating A Retarded Person

    Sweet Dee's Is Dating A Retarded Person

    Season 3, Episode 9

    Dee may finally find true love when she dates a famous local rapper, who may or may not be mentally retarded. Inspired by the success of Dee’s mentally challenged boyfriend, Mac, Dennis, Charlie, and Frank decide to start their own band.

  • Season 6, Episode 7

    The gang gets a real 'scare' after Dee reveals she's pregnant, forcing the guys to recall their last hazy Halloween Party to determine if one of them might be the father.

  • Season 7, Episode 3

    Frank accidentally gets into the child pageantry business and is terrified of coming across as a 'Diddler'.

  • Season 7, Episode 11

    The gang will do whatever it takes to see the hottest action movie of the summer, "Thunder Gun Express," before it leaves the theaters.

  • Season 6, Episode 5

    After getting denied from the local pool club, Mac and Charlie aim to fix up an abandoned pool in order to beat the heat wave. Meanwhile, Dennis and Dee try to beat the heat in a more 'dignified' and 'upper-class' way.

  • Season 3, Episode 2

    When the Philadelphia Eagles hold open try-outs a la the movie 'Invincible,' Mac, Dennis, and Dee use the event for their own personal competition, while Frank and Charlie tailgate the try-outs and have an altercation with the McPoyles.