The Best Episodes of My 600-lb Life

There are so many good episodes of My 600-lb Life, but which ones really stand out? Do you like "Henry's Story" the best, or is "Olivia's Story" your favorite episode of My 600-lb Life? To determine once and for all what the best episodes of My 600-lb Life are, let's rank every My 600-lb Life episode from best to worst.

The reality TV series My 600-lb Life follows the daily life (across the span of one year) of a morbidly obese individual who attempts to reduce his/her weight to a healthy level. My 600-lb Life, which began as a five-part miniseries, premiered on TLC on March 26, 2012. This series isn't serialized in any way, so you can watch any of these episodes on their own without feeling like you're missing out on something.

Vote up your favorite episodes of My 600-lb Life, and downvote any bad episodes that you really didn't enjoy, despite how much you love the series as a whole. It can be painful to put one My 600-lb Life episode over the other when there are so many good ones, which is why you can vote on however many episodes you like.

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  • Lacey's Journey

    Lacey's Journey

    Lacey is so big from overeating that she can barely leave the house, but that hasn't stopped her from finding love with Ricky. Her weight isn't the only thing between her and a happy husband, however, with Ricky's sister Sharon in the picture.

  • Lupe and Ashley D

    Lupe and Ashley D

    Dr. Nowzaradan is worried Lupe's emotional issues are blocking her weight loss journey since she's shed over 300 lbs. but still can't walk. Ashley is struck with sudden paralysis. Sarah and Roger prepare for skin removal surgery.

  • John & Lonnie's Story

    John & Lonnie's Story

    John & Lonnie are two brothers from opposite ends of the spectrum; estranged for years, the brothers are brought together by a common need to lose weight while they still can.

  • Brandon's Story

    Brandon's Story

    Brandon is a talented musician with a beautiful voice and a run-away weight problem; he wants to lose weight and embark on a career; he also wants to take the next step with his girlfriend, Taylor, whom he risks losing if he can't make a change.

  • Alicia's Story

    Alicia's Story

    A devoted girlfriend and loving aunt, Alicia is all smiles and laughter on the outside, but on the inside she is terrified that her addiction to food will kill her before she can marry her long-time love or watch her nieces grow up.

  • Brandi and Kandi's Story

    Brandi and Kandi's Story

    Twins Kandi & Brandi have a combined weight totaling over 1100lbs. These inseparable twins fear losing each other to obesity, so they make a change together. But a life-threatening event during weight loss surgery recovery may separate them forever.

  • Brittani's Story

    Brittani's Story

    Brittani married a man who loves large women but at 600 lbs she can barely contribute to their marriage. With dreams of a normal relationship, she gets weight loss surgery. Her entire world then changes leaving her with the challenge to forge a new life. 

  • Justin's Story

    Justin's Story

    A college graduate with a once-promising career, Justin has eaten his life away to the point of never leaving the house for anything but food; only the help of Dr. Now's weight-loss program can restore his hopes of living a happy, productive life.

  • Milla's Story

    Milla's Story

    At 700lbs, Milla is bedridden and dependent on her husband and five kids. Terrified each day will be her last, they still can't resist her unending requests for junk food. Can Milla stop a lifetime of unhealthy eating to qualify for gastric surgery?

  • Gideon's Story

    Gideon's Story

    At 650 pounds, Gideon's weight prohibits him from working, making him completely dependent on his exhausted wife. Desperate for change, he uproots his family to restart his life with weight-loss surgery and hopes for a future of happily-ever-after.

  • Christina's Story

    Christina's Story

    Christina is a 22-year old married woman from South Haven, Mississippi, who hasn't left her house in two years due to her size. Her doting family has enabled her and she's eaten herself into a state that will soon kill her, if she can't make a change.

  • Randy's Story

    Randy's Story

    At 650lbs, Randy's food addiction led to the loss of his marriage and visits with his daughter. To regain control of his life, he endures a rigorous pre-surgery diet, surrounded by fast-food temptations. Will he be approved for a weight-loss operation?

  • Melissa's Story Part 1

    Melissa's Story Part 1

    650-lb Melissa begins her seven-year weight loss journey.

  • Nikki's Story

    Nikki's Story

    Lifelong secret eater Nikki finds her life and career as a costume designer threatened by immobility as her weight climbs to 650-lbs. In urgent need of drastic weight loss, she undergoes gastric bypass and confronts the emotional causes for her eating.

  • Zsalynn's Story

    Zsalynn's Story

    Zsaylnn, once known as the "Fat Girl Rock Star" - married a man who loves large women. Now weighing over 600lbs, she urgently needs to lose weight to be the mother her daughter deserves. Can Zsalynn succeed with a husband who doesn't support her goals?

  • Henry's Story

    Henry's Story

    750-lb Henry begins his weight loss journey in the hopes of transforming himself in time to attend his high school reunion.

  • Steven and Justin's Story Part 1

    Steven and Justin's Story Part 1

    Steven Assanti weighs nearly 800-lbs and his brother/nemesis, Justin, is almost 600-lbs. Though the brothers can't stand each other, their father packs up the family to travel across the country to seek help, desperate to save both his sons' lives.

  • Diana's Story

    Diana's Story

    Diana, a once thin and active woman, is now a prisoner to her 620lb body. Desperate to break free of her food addiction, she trades the comfort of her apartment for a weight loss journey under the strict authority of her niece in order to regain her life.

  • Steven and Justin's Story Part 2

    Steven and Justin's Story Part 2

    After a year on a weight loss program, Steven remains completely non-compliant, and Justin focuses on a new career instead of his diet... With neither brother close to being approved for life-saving surgery, time is quickly running out for the brothers.

  • Melissa's Story Part 2

    Melissa's Story Part 2

    650-lb Melissa struggles to get to her ideal weight.

  • Chad's Story

    Chad's Story

    At 700 pounds, Chad's weight is dangerously out of control. After gastric bypass surgery, he quickly sheds pounds but faces a medical crisis when he does not follow the doctor's orders. In dire straights, Chad puts his weight loss journey on the line.

  • Paula's Story

    Paula's Story

    Paula has had a tough life, and at over 600lbs, has built a physical wall around herself to push people away. When she suddenly loses someone she loves, Paula can no longer ignore the threat of losing her own life - especially for her children's sake.

  • Lupe's Story

    Lupe's Story

    At 600 pounds, Lupe spent the last 10 years in bed & totally dependent on her husband. A doctor in Texas is her only hope for change. A cross-country move to save her life, may end up backfiring. Did Lupe wait too long to begin her weight-loss journey?

  • Joe's Story

    Joe's Story

    Joe is only 30, and trapped in an 800-lb body. He lost his job and is mostly housebound. Can Joe find the strength to face his past and save his life?

  • Sean's Story

    Sean's Story

    26-year-old Sean weighs over 700-lbs with a massive growth protruding from his side and skin so stretched it is tearing apart. His mother is forced to change both of their lifestyles before he can be approved for gastric bypass surgery.