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The Best Episodes of Steven Universe

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There are so many good episodes of Steven Universe, but which ones really stand out? Do you like "Mr. Greg / Too Short to Ride" the best, or is "Buddy's Book / Mindful Education" your favorite episode of Steven Universe? To determine once and for all what the best episodes of Steven Universe are, let's rank every Steven Universe episode from best to worst.

Created by Rebecca Sugar, Steven Universe is a coming-of-age story Sugar based on her own younger brother, Steven. In it, Steven and the Crystal Gems (ageless alien warriors who protect Earth) live in Beach City. Steven Universe officially premiered on Cartoon Network on November 4, 2013 (pilot on May 21, 2013). The series, written for an audience of both kids and adults, covers the genres of action, science fiction, comedy-drama, and family. Steven Universe has been lauded by fans for its themes of sexual identity and body positivity.

Vote up your favorite episodes of Steven Universe, and downvote any bad episodes that you really didn't enjoy, despite how much you love the series as a whole. It can be painful to put one Steven Universe episode over the other when there are so many good ones, which is why you can vote on however many episodes you like.

  • 1
    Season 2 Episode 11: The Return: A new threat arrives in Beach City. / Jail Break: Steven teams up with a new ally.
  • 2

    Change Your Mind

    Season 5, Episode 29 (Finale): Steven faces his biggest challenge yet.

  • 3
    Season 5 Episode 1: Steven discovers something the Gems thought was lost to the past inside of Lion's mane.
  • 4
    Season 4 Episode 5: Mr. Greg: Steven, Greg and Pearl take a trip to Empire City to live the good life. / Too Short To Ride: Steven and Amethyst take a trip to Funland but run into trouble when their friend is too short to ride the rollercoasters.
  • 5
    Season 1 Episode 13: Mirror Gem: Steven befriends a magical mirror that can mysteriously communicate with him. / Ocean Gem: The ocean disappears on the first day of summer.
  • 6
    Season 2 Episode 5: Lion 3: Straight to Video: Lion won't stop laying on Steven's face while he sleeps. / Warp Tour: Steven thinks he sees something creepy traversing the warp streams.
  • 7
    Season 3 Episode 13: Message Received: Steven has doubts about believing in everyone. / Log Date 7 15 2: Steven sneaks a listen to a friend's audio diary.
  • 8
    Season 6 Episode 2: That Will Be All: Steven and the Gems make a daring escape! / The New Crystal Gems: Connie helps look after Beach City while Steven is busy.
  • 9
    Season 4 Episode 3: Steven and the Gems play an old fashioned game of baseball.
  • 10
    Season 3 Episode 3: Sworn to the Sword: Connie trains with Pearl to be a swordfighter. / Rising Tides / Crashing Skies: Ronaldo does some investigative reporting on whether Steven and the Crystal Gems are safe for Beach City.
  • 11
    Season 4 Episode 2: Same Old World: Steven flies around the world. / Barn Mates: Steven helps two friends get along at the barn.
  • 12
    Season 3 Episode 9: Sadie's Song: Steven helps Sadie put together an act for Beachapalooza. / Catch and Release: We finally see inside Steven's bathroom.
  • 13
    Season 6 Episode 9: Off Colors: Steven finds some unusual new allies. / Lars' Head: Lars finally lets Steven in.
  • 14
    Season 3 Episode 10: When It Rains: Steven helps a friend who's afraid of thunderstorms. / Back to the Barn: Steven and the Gems head back to the family barn to build some robots.
  • 15
    Season 6 Episode 8: Stuck Together: Steven and Lars spend some time together. / The Trial: Steven goes on trial.
  • 16
    Season 1 Episode 4: Bubble Buddies: Steven looks like a hero when he forms a magic crystal bubble around himself to protect a girl from danger. / Serious Steven: Steven tries to prove himself to be a worthy Crystal Gem to Garnet.
  • 17
    Season 2 Episode 10: Rose's Scabbard: Steven joins Pearl on a special mission to a place that belonged to Rose-Quartz. / The Message: Steven and the Gems try to retrieve a message from the Wailing Stone.
  • 18
    Season 2 Episode 7: Future Vision: Steven learns that Garnet can see into the future. / On the Run: Steven and Amethyst try out life on the road (Song: "On the Run").
  • 19
    Season 5 Episode 6: Future Boy Zoltron: Steven fills in for a fortune teller at Funland. / Last One Out of Beach City: Pearl, Steven and Amethyst go to a rock show.
  • 20
    Season 3 Episode 11: Too Far: Amethyst and Steven get in on some Gem gossip. / The Answer: Garnet finally tells Steven the story of how she came to be a Crystal Gem.
  • 21
    Season 3 Episode 4: Keeping it Together: Steven and the Crystal Gems revisit the Kindergarten and find a dark secret. / We Need to Talk: Greg tells Steven and Connie the story of how he learned about Gem fusion.
  • 22
    Season 4 Episode 4: Steven Floats: Steven is so excited to be back home that he jumps for joy and jumps way too high. / Drop Beat Dad: Steven helps Sour Cream put on a show, even though Sour Cream's stepdad doesn't approve of DJs.
  • 23
    Season 2 Episode 6: Alone Together: The Gems try to teach Steven to use his fusion powers. / The Test: Steven finds out that his mission to the Lunar Sea Spire was a test.
  • 24
    Season 6 Episode 3: Storm in the Room: Steven goes into his room in the temple to look for answers. / Rocknaldo: Ronaldo sets out to find all the rock people living in Beach City!
  • 25
    Season 2 Episode 8: Horror Club: Steven goes to the lighthouse to watch scary movies. / Winter Forecast: Steven has to get Connie home before it snows.