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The Best Episodes of Swamp People

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There are so many good episodes of Swamp People, but which ones really stand out? Do you like "Gator Gold Rush" the best, or is "Swamsgiving 2" your favorite episode of Swamp People? To determine once and for all what the best episodes of Swamp People are, let's rank every Swamp People episode from best to worst.

Swamp People on History premiered on August 22, 2010 and set a ratings record for the channel. A reality TV series, Swamp People tells the stories of Louisiana natives who lives in the Atchafalaya Basin of the 137-mile-long Atchafalaya River – the heart of Cajon Country. If you've ever wanted to see rednecks hunt alligators with a fair amount of drama thrown in, then you really have no excuse not to watch Swamp People.

Vote up your favorite episodes of Swamp People, and downvote any bad episodes that you really didn't enjoy, despite how much you love the series as a whole. It can be painful to put one Swamp People episode over the other when there are so many good ones, which is why you can vote on however many episodes you like.

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    Catch a fascinating sneak peek into another season of Swamp People before it premieres on February 9. And it's no guts, no gator as the bayou boys and their crews are back alongside an all-female team and sharpshooters. As the price of gator rises, these homegrown natives face the perils of nature, risking their reputations and lives.
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    It's holiday time on the bayou and Swampers are preparing for their upcoming harvest feasts. They're out to stock their tables full of traditional delicacies straight from the swamp.
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    Season 1 Episode 1: Welcome to one of America's last frontiers: the wild swamplands of Southern Louisiana, a place whose history stretches back to the 17th century. It's the start of the most exciting and dangerous time of year for the swampers, the month-long alligator season.
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    Season 5 Episode 1: Over the years, swampers of Louisiana have risked life and limb fighting thousands of monster alligators. These are the top 10 deadliest hunts of Swamp People.
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    Season 2 Episode 1: As a new gator season begins in Southern Louisiana, hunters across the state return to the swamp with more on the line than ever before. Legendary Gator Hunter Troy Landry is back with his son Jacob. Junior Edwards and son Willie have more tags than ever before. To accommodate the increase in tags, Junior's team begins their hunt with a much larger boat.
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    Season 2 Episode 12: With only eight days left in the season, the old hot spots are completely fished out. To stay in the game, hunters venture into new grounds.
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    Season 3 Episode 1: It's day one of the thirty-day alligator-hunting season in Louisiana. This year prices are 30% higher, and with big bucks on the line, a Gator Gold rush is about to begin. Troy Landry has a plan to cash in; reuniting with 20-year partner Clint and running a second boat with son Jacob at the helm. With 430 tags, more than ever before, he's determined to retain his crown.
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    Season 7 Episode 1: As the season opens, the King of the Swamp, Troy Landry, finds himself going head-to-head with Mother Nature. The water in the basin is higher than it's ever been.
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    Season 2 Episode 9: Night in the Swamp is a time when danger lurks. Joe and Tommy are night scouting for a new honey hole, but while they're looking for gators, another paycheck presents itself: the shrimp are running. They head off hoping to bag a boatload before sunrise.
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    Season 2 Episode 10: Liz Cavalier has been a solid helper on Troy Landry's boat, but with the season more than halfway done, Liz wants to prove to her boss that she's more. Armed with years of experience captaining her own boat, she decides to step up, offering some of her own hunting ideas to Troy. Junior Edwards has trusted his son Willie with more responsibility.
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    Season 4 Episode 4: Poachers invade the swamp and steal high value gators from several of the hunters. The tables are turned by two of the Swampers who come up with a way to catch the criminals in the act.
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    Catch a FREE sneak peek of Swamp People, before the new season premieres on Monday, February 3.
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    Season 7 Episode 13: The Landry's race to tag out on the last day of the season, but they've got company, as R.J. and Jay Paul invade their territory looking to tag out themselves.
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    Season 8 Episode 13: Troy confronts Chase about his obsession with sniping gators. Joey goes after his "white whale." Willie's buyer threatens to close early.
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    Season 3 Episode 19: It's down to the final 4 days and Troy's road to the crown takes an unexpected turn. A good friend and fellow hunter has passed away. When his long-time helper asks Troy to help fill their remaining tags, Troy has a dilemma.
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    Season 4 Episode 14: Just as teams have found their rhythm, partnerships are broken up, leaving veteran hunters to overcome the challenges of changing deckhands midstream. A boat captain father breaks up his teammate sons.
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    Season 4 Episode 7: A cold front moves into the bayou, threatening to destroy alligator season. To salvage their day, two swampers try to jump their boat over a fifty-foot levee to gain access to warmer waters.
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    Season 3 Episode 10: It's the halfway point of the month-long alligator season, and it's time to rally. Boat traffic is spoiling one of Troy's go-to hunting grounds, so he and Clint decide to brave a treacherous swamp guarded by the legendary Gates of Hell. Over in Myrtle Grove, the high water levels that remain after the storm have given Joe and Tommy a rare opportunity.
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    Season 5 Episode 14: Swampers are in danger of losing their businesses until family and friends come to their aid. One hunter gets some needed help from their spouse and a friend. A second hunter is reunited with his partner.
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    Season 4 Episode 5: Swampers struggle and fill tags after a devastating hurricane. One hunter suffers a brutal alligator bite that forces him off the water for emergency first aid. Meanwhile, a cold front threatens to end the season for hunters in the north.
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    Season 2 Episode 16: It's the final day of the season, and hunters are in a hurry to fill their remaining tags before time runs out. As Troy and Junior head to run lines for the final time, the bayou is buzzing. Locals are reporting sightings of a giant gator in the area. Both men set their sights on the beast, to win bragging rights in a bayou showdown.
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    Season 1 Episode 3: Troy desperately needs to find a new honey hole, a corner of the bayou teeming with gators. He thinks he's found one, but the rights to hunt it will cost him a lot of cash. He takes the risk--but will it pay off? Meanwhile, Joe and Tommy contend with their own greenhorn, a landlubber named Bud.
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    Season 4 Episode 9: Nearly two weeks into the toughest season in years, swampers are starting to break down from fatigue and stress. When an impatient veteran sprays his partner with bullet fragments, it could mean the end to their longtime partnership.
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    Season 6 Episode 3: Hunters are forced to rely on life-long intuitions to take on Mother Nature. To avoid floodwaters, one team makes a life threatening decision to head deep into the swamp.
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    Season 7 Episode 2: After his worst start to alligator season, a desperate Troy does the unthinkable, bringing in outside help over the objections of his sons Jacob and Chase and his brother, Guy.