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The Best Episodes of The League

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There are so many good episodes of The League, but which ones really stand out? Do you like "High School Reunion" the best, or is "Mr. McGibblets" your favorite episode of The League? To determine once and for all what the best episodes of The League are, let's rank every The League episode from best to worst.

Airing on FX, and eventually on FXX, The League was a sitcom about six friends in Chicago, Illinois, who participate in a fantasy football league. The League, which aired for seven seasons from October 29, 2009 to December 9, 2015, starred Mark Duplass as Peter "Pete" Eckhart, Stephen Rannazzisi as Kevin MacArthur, Nick Kroll as Rodney Ruxin, Paul Scheer as Dr. Andrew Nowzick, Joe Lajoie as Taco MacArthur, and Katie Aselton as Jenny MacArthur. During its run, several pro players, broadcasters, analysts, and writers appeared on The League, from running back Darren Sproles to anchor Rich Eisen to writer Jay Glazer.

Vote up your favorite episodes of The League, and downvote any bad episodes that you really didn't enjoy, despite how much you love the series as a whole. It can be painful to put one The League episode over the other when there are so many good ones, which is why you can vote on however many episodes you like.

  • 26
    Season 4 Episode 2: Kevin and Jenny argue over whether or not their son will be circumcised and everyone takes sides - including Shiva.
  • 27
    Season 3 Episode 10: Kevin thinks his Krav Maga instructor may actually be into him.
  • 28
    Season 5 Episode 5: Ruxin misses his flight for a business trip and decides to hide out in Chicago instead of going home. Taco Corp. gets its first Worldwide Headquarters.
  • 29
    Season 4 Episode 12: Andre and Trixie's relationship is put to the test. Jenny and Pete make special offerings to Shiva. Rupert Ruxin (Jeff Goldblum) has a gift for his son while Taco challenges the Mall Santa.
  • 30
    Season 4 Episode 11: Andre starts dating his interior decorator and discovers that the buyer of his old loft is Deion Sanders. Rafi and Dirty Randy (Seth Rogen) prepare for the end of the world.
  • 31
    Season 1 Episode 5: It's the playoffs but instead of watching the games Pete and Kevin get stuck at a terrible Christmas party, while Ruxin and Taco go to Chinatown on a very special mission.
  • 32
    Season 5 Episode 12: It's the playoffs for the Shiva. Ruxin and Sofia battle over what religion Baby Geoffrey will be. Andre tries a long con. Kevin worries he has been taking Jenny for granted.
  • 33
    Season 6 Episode 8: Jenny's dad (Corbin Bernsen) takes the guys camping. Andre and Russell go into business together. Pete's new team name offends Kevin who refuses to say it.
  • 34
    Season 6 Episode 12: Russell and Andre face off in fantasy football and as partners in their new wine bar - and it gets even more complicated when Trixie Von Stein returns.
  • 35
    Season 3 Episode 7: Kevin and Jenny search for the perfect paint color to get back their privacy, Sofia accuses Ruxin of Breast Favoritism and Pete tries to defend his High School Track record.
  • 36
    Season 4 Episode 9: Kevin has a colonoscopy. Later, Pete suspects that his grandpa (Robert Wagner) is adulterous; and the guys ask Rafi to settle a dispute for them.
  • 37
    Season 6 Episode 11: Taco and Andre both want the guys to watch football at their new establishments. Pete tries to hide something he has in common with Andre. Ruxin is disgusted by his co-worker's hygiene habits.
  • 38
    Season 4 Episode 5: Kevin decides to run for judge and ends up at a charity event with Bills Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. The guys take an intelligence test to decide who's the smartest. Andre refuses to believe he's balding.
  • 39
    Season 4 Episode 7: Pete fights over a pair of shoes with a man in a wheelchair (JB Smoove). Taco teaches a dog to recognize the scent of sex. Jenny and Kevin get Ellie a piano.
  • 40
    Season 4 Episode 3: Pete has a big paintball outing planned, but the married guys have to go to a kid's birthday party. Ruxin has a run in with a white sushi chef.
  • 41
    Season 1 Episode 7: The wedding weekend continues but what happened at the draft comes back to haunt everyone. We meet Andre's parents. Ruxin wrestles J.J. Watt for control of his fantasy team.
  • 42
    Season 4 Episode 8: Ruxin fears that Sofia has lost interest in their marriage. Meanwhile, Jenny makes a dirty trade.
  • 43
    Season 4 Episode 6: Andre's plan to take the guys tailgating is thwarted when their high school nemesis Frank "The Body" Gibiatti and his gang have the same idea.
  • 44
    Season 6 Episode 4: Rafael and Randall meet in a mental institution.
  • 45
    Season 3 Episode 9: The guys are psyched for a visit from Chuck, one of the League's out-of-towners, but he shows up much different than they remember. Kevin and Jenny get in over their heads with a local drug dealer. Taco goes on a radical diet.
  • 46
    Season 2 Episode 3: While Andre brings in a new partner to expand his practice, Ruxin uses a sick kid to meet NFL star Josh Cribbs, and Pete deals with the complications of dating Kevin's ex-girlfriend (guest star Lake Bell).
  • 47
    Season 5 Episode 1: The League travels to Los Angeles for Andre and Trixie's destination wedding. Ruxin refuses to do his Sacko punishments and Shiva Champion Ted has a few surprises for everyone at the draft, including JJ Watt.
  • 48
    Season 5 Episode 10: Taco opens a pubic barber shop, Kevin's near death Flex-perience with Greg Jennings causes trouble with Jenny, Andre discovers a patient's electronic voice box sounds just like Ruxin.
  • 49
    Season 3 Episode 12: Kevin and Jenny make a bold bet on the play-offs; Taco enlists Ruxin to get more involved with Taco Corp and Pete has devilish plan to send Ruxin to the Sacko.
  • 50
    Season 5 Episode 6: Taco Corp. starts a petting zoo business, Kevin and Ellie rebel when Jenny tries to get the family to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Pete uses Andre as a Trade Maid.