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Spy The Best Espionage TV Shows

List RulesShows near the top must be only the best Espionage TV series.

Lies! Deception! Betrayal! Romance! Spies! Whether you're spying out something more action-packed or drama-based, these are the best espionage shows, ranked by your votes. Rather than just focusing on spies, this list of the greatest espionage shows also includes serial dramas like 24 and Alias as well as procedural series like Burn Notice. Popular espionage TV shows have been a staple of television for years, because spies and conspiracies are super cool.

Some shows about espionage focus on big government agencies like MI5's Spooks or CIA's Covert Affairs, while shows such as Burn Notice are about freelancers. Other good espionage shows include The Americans, The Unit, and MacGyver.

What are television's best espionage shows? Vote up the shows about espionage you think are the best and see where your favorite espionage shows rank.