The Best European Cities for Day Trips

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This is a ranked list of the best European cities for day trips as voted on by men and women. These cities include Stonehenge, Cork, Bruges and more. Some of the most beautiful European cities are smaller and outside the typical metropolises. People looking for an exciting day excursion can hop a bus or shuttle and explore some of the best of what Europe has to offer. “What are the best European cities for day trips?” is what this list answers.

 Museums, scenic vistas, quaint villages are all things people making day trips look for and that is exactly what these cities offer. Each of these best European cities for day trips offers distinct features and opportunities for cultural immersion. This list is for those seeking the joys of traveling throughout Europe while seeing some of its more hidden sites.

 No matter what part of Europe you’re looking to travel through or what type setting, this list offers cities throughout the continent that can accommodate those seeking interesting and varied day trips. As a traveler looking for a day trip experience you might ask yourself, “What are best places for day trips in Europe?” Well, here we have compiled a list of the very best places for this activity.

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