The Best European Countries for Backpacking

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Top countries to backpack in Europe

List of best countries in Europe to backpack, ranked by travelers. How do you travel in Europe for cheap? Consider losing the luggage and consider backpacking through Europe. These are the top European countries for backpacking. Travel through Europe can be a fun experience for beginner travelers, college students on a budget, and even the avid nomad. Those looking for a European adventure can find that backpacking allows more freedom to wander through the small alleys of Italy and France to the mountains and landscapes of Switzerland and Scotland. 

Here is a list of the top European countries to backpack. In Europe rail systems make it affordable to travel from one country to the next. Traveling solo or with a partner is popular with backpackers looking to explore new countries, customs and, of course, food. All you need is your buddy, your backpack and your passport to experience some of Europe's biggest delights. 

Looking for the top countries in Europe to backpack? Use this list as a guide to plan your next European backpacking adventure. Vote to help other travelers determine which country is the best to backpack in Europe.
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