The Best European Countries to Live In

List of the best European countries to live in, as ranked by Europeans and travelers everywhere. For many people, living in one of Europe’s many beautiful countries is a dream. With numerous countries side by side, it’s only one train ride away from experiencing many different parts of Europe, from Spain to Scotland. Europe is filled with the finest culture, from the ancient stomping grounds of Roman soldiers to the work of the top artists in any of the hundreds of museums throughout the continent. Besides being enjoyable places to live, this list has European countries that have strong economies, world-class medical care, good education, safe housing, and all the other essentials for living a healthy and happy life.

The European countries on this list are ranked by quality of life, affordable housing, fuel costs, and employment statistics. When choosing a European country to live in, you not only want to guarantee that you will be able to find employment in your field, but you also want to have the money to afford the lifestyle of the country, including rent, gas, food, energy bills,and entertainment.

What are the best European countries to live in? This list is filled with the finest places in live and experience the European lifestyle.

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