The Best European Countries to Visit

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List of the best European countries to visit, as ranked by travel enthusiasts. Europe is a dream travel location for those looking for a dream vacation. The entire continent is filled with countries that have a rich history of art, architecture, and cultural celebrations that are worthy experiences for any traveler. The top European countries often feature cultural festivals, like France’s parade-filled Nice Carnival and Spain’s lively dancing Festival de Jerez. Other countries, such as Ireland and Switzerland, are known for their breathtaking marvels like lush, green hillsides and snowy-topped mountains that are perfect for sight-seeing and long hikes. Those who are interested in museums filled with paintings and sculptures made by the world’s most famous artists are sure to love favorite European countries like Italy and England.

This list includes countries from all over Europe that are the perfect vacation spots for people of all types. Whether you want the sort of vacation where you always have a different cultural activity or you just want to be as relaxed as possible, there’s a country in Europe that’s made for you.

What are the best European countries for a vacation? Thislist has every sort of vacation spot in Europe that you could ever want tovisit.

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