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Every 'Evil Dead' Game Ranked From Best To Worst

We are ranking every Evil Dead game in the Evil Dead franchise! Sam Rami's 1981 The Evil Dead shook audiences around the world for its graphic horror and over-the-top nature. Naturally, video game developers have created a variety of games that capture the fun horrific excitement that made us love the Evil Dead series in the first place. Featuring every Evil Dead game ever made from the 1984 The Evil Dead to the 2022 Evil Dead: The Game, these are the top Evil Dead games in the entire series and some are even considered to be the scariest games of all time

The best Evil Dead games brings their own unique take on the franchise and introduces story and gameplay that ties into the every expanding franchise. Every game on this list stands out due to their take on the cult classic horror franchise, and features some of the best characters in the Evil Dead universe. Games like Evil Dead: The Game introduces exciting fast-paced multiplayer modes that is sure to keep people on their toes, meanwhile titles like Army of Darkness Defense brings a more relaxed and casual approach to the series. Which Evil Dead game do you think is the best?

Vote up the best Evil Dead game of all time and be sure to check out the best playable characters in Evil Dead: The Game!