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The 23 Greatest Evil Anime Organizations Of All Time

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From the best shonen anime to the best fantasy anime, everything is taken to its natural extreme and organized crime is no exception. Different anime have shown all kinds of organized crime syndicates doing all kinds of evil deeds. Evil anime organizations are known for wreaking havoc on the protagonists and innocent civilians of their respective series. Some of these evil organizations in anime are played for laughs, allowing viewers to feel empathy for the villains. Others are made up of individuals who are pure evil and make fans feel nothing but disgust for them.

Still, some organizations are more nuanced crime circles that are broken down during a series to provide windows into the goals and backstories of antagonists. The very best evil organizations in anime have been gathered here on this list. These are organizations that are known for being ruthlessly sinister, heinous, or nefarious. Check them out below and vote up the best evil anime organizations that you find fascinating and engaging. 

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    The Twelve Demon Moons - 'Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba'

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    The Twelve Demon Moons are a band of powerful Demons who serve under Muzan's command. Each possessing a large portion of Muzan's blood, they are considered the strongest Demons alive. They are separated into two divisions based on rank and strength: the Six Upper Moons and the Six Lower Moons. Although Muzan eventually gets rid of the Lower Moons, declaring them useless, the six remaining Upper Moons are fearsome opponents that even the Pillars can't touch. 

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    The Ten Commandments - 'The Seven Deadly Sins'

    Chosen by the Demon King himself, members of The Ten Commandments are not to be taken lightly. They're elite warriors with their own unique powers as well as the ability to impose a curse on whoever breaks their commandment. Members like Zeldris and Estarossa make this group especially dangerous to the Seven Deadly Sins as they are both in a combat class of around 60,000. 

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    The League of Villains - 'My Hero Academia'

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    Although the Pro Heroes and students from Class 1-A come across a diverse array of villains throughout the series, it's the League of Villains who are always at the center of the chaos. From the very beginning, the group's leader Shigaraki has been set up as Deku's ultimate nemesis. They're also founded by the most fearsome villain in the world (and All Might's strongest opponent), All For One. Whether it's at school, camp training grounds, or even during the Provisional Licensing Exams, Class 1-A can never seem to escape from the League of Villains' clutches. 

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    Aogiri Tree - 'Tokyo Ghoul'

    Tokyo Ghoul is a dark anime with an even darker criminal organization. Called Aogiri Tree, the organization fights directly with the CCG, killing a lot of their members. They have a notorious reputation among ghouls and are generally not very nice. 

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