The Best Excuses to Leave a Bad Date

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Vote for your favorite sudden illnesses, or best friend crises that can get you out of a dead end date!
Best case scenario, when it comes to a date, you'll be staring into each other's eyes and fall madly in love by the time the creme brûlée arrives. More often though, you'll be scrounging for anything to talk about to make that uncomfortable silence go away and forcing yourself to find something attractive about his receding hairline and beer belly. If that's the case, sometimes you just gotta bounce. It isn't always the nicest thing to do but your time is precious and if there's no spark - on to the next one! 
This list has some good tips for when you need to tip toe on outta that restaurant, call your best friend, and tell her the all scary details. Not every date can be a home run! You might let him get to first base, but sometimes you meet a guy and don't even want to be in the same ballpark! If that sounds familiar, check out this list for pointers in case it ever happens again, which, sorry to say, it probably will. 
But keep hope alive, ladies and gents! He or she is out there and looking for you, too! So much of life is about timing. This list is for when the timing is so bad that you just can't sit across from your bad date for another second. Always try to be polite and kind but you got to do what you got to do.
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  • I have to be up SO early!
    193 votes

    I have to be up SO early!

  • I have an emergency!
    194 votes

    I have an emergency!

  • Let him down gently
    166 votes

    Let him down gently

  • My roommate lost her keys
    172 votes

    My roommate lost her keys

  • We should just be friends!
    170 votes

    We should just be friends!

  • Fake being sick
    170 votes

    Fake being sick