The Best Expensive Fidget Spinners

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Fidget spinners are often considered cheap, distracting toys, something that gets confiscated by a teacher only to be replaced by a new one the next day. Despite a few fidget-spinning horror stories, these plastic and metal toys can be found in the hands of kids everywhere, but this list of the most expensive fidget spinners are for the more refined (if fidgety) fingers.

Much like anything worth spending money on, there are some pretty beautiful expensive fidget spinners. There are the exquisite and exquisitely expensive, fidget spinners made with embossed silver or hand finished wood from Freelove as part of their Constantine Relief Series. Other styles are made with tactical precision and a beautiful balance that's made to last, both in lifespan and spin time.

Expensive fidget spinners like these defy expectations, adding both superior craftsmanship and a hefty price tag to the humble fidget spinner. Look at the list below and vote up the ones you think are the most amazingly indulgent.