The Best Eyeshadow Dupes For Cult Favorite Palettes

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Makeup junkies are blessed because of all the multi-shade eyeshadow palettes. And other than the price, there's nothing not to love about so many compatible, blendable shades in one easy set. A designer palette can actually run anywhere from $40 to $80. Since so many palettes achieve god-tier status as soon as they’re released (Naked Palette, we’re looking at you!), it’s not unheard of for a palette to sell on eBay for hundreds of dollars. Nothing is worth that much money if you have these eyeshadow dupes, though! 

Cheaper versions of eyeshadow palettes are out there, and this list covers the best palette dupes of all time. If you’re not ready to drop big bucks on the latest release from Anastasia Beverly Hills or Urban Decay, then look no further. These cheap eyeshadow palettes are a budget-conscious beauty lover's new best friends.

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