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The Funniest Characters On 'F is for Family'

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Depending on what your family life growing up was like, you'll either relate incredibly hard or be horrified when you watch F is for Family. The show follows a dysfunctional family led by Frank Murphy, who's short temper often gets him into trouble with his wife, Sue. Together, they raise four haplessly lovable kids, who are just as messed up as they are. Wondering who are all the best characters on F is for Family? That's for you to decide.

In addition to the main family, the show also features a colorful supporting cast of characters. From Frank's laid-back and chill neighbor Vic, who's pretty much everything Frank wanted to be, to Mr. Goomer, who has a penchant for going through everyone's belongings, everyone in town pretty much seems to work to annoy Frank.

A lot of characters have their moments to shine in the show, but which ones are your favorite. Vote up all the best F is for Family characters from the list below.

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