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The Best Face Off Winners, Ranked

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Fans of sci-fi, horror, and prosthetic makeup in general reveled in the SyFy series Face Off, which showed an array of talented artists creating unique effects to wow the judges and take home the top prize. Face Off contestants came from all different disciplines, working in everything from tattoo artistry to special effects. While all the people below showcased incredible skill on the program, who are the best Face Off winners? Here, you can help decide.

Each Face Off season ends with the Spotlight Finale, in which contenders must design makeup based on a specific prompt. The artists below truly delivered. Which creator do you think produced the most impressive final results? Was it Laura Tyler stunning with her dark take on Swan Lake in Season 5? Or did you prefer Rayce Bird's trio of original alien characters? Were you a fan of Matt Valentine snagging the win for his gorgeous scene from Alice in Wonderland in Season 13?

Browse this list of Face Off winners below and vote the most talented creators to the top. 

  • 1

    Laura Tyler

    Season 5

    Occupation: Freelance special effects makeup artist
    Specialties: Makeup, wax figures, and character design
    Final Project: Swan and sorcerer from Swan Lake 

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    Anthony Kosar

    Season 4

    Occupation: Owner of Kostart Effects Studio
    Specialties: Creature and character design, sculpting, and painting
    Final Project: Dream thief and princess characters for production of Le Rêve: The Dream

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    Rayce Bird

    Season 2 

    Occupation: Tattoo Artist 
    Specialties: Character design, sculpting, and painting 
    Final Project: Three original alien characters 

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    Matt Valentine

    Season 13

    Occupation: CEO of Global Fear Enterprises
    Specialties: Conceptual and graphic design, custom costumes, and makeup 
    Final Project:
    Scene from Alice in Wonderland

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