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The Best Facts About Big Bang's T.O.P

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T.O.P., that awesome idol from K-pop's Big Bang, is known among fans for his deep voice and superb rap skills. To those few few kpop fans who have never heard a Big Bang song, T.O.P. can also be seen in many popular Korean dramas and Korean movies.

T.O.P. isn't as frequent of a guest in talk shows as the other members of Big Bang so facts about him are less known. We went through the limited facts available about Big Bang's lead rapper to present to you the best facts about TOP. Which of these biography and fun facts did you already know about TOP? Is he your favorite member of Big Bang or is one of the other best Big Bang members the greatest kpop idol and rapper in your mind? Let us know in the comments section!
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    Top's Hobby Is Collecting Figurines

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    Top Likes Collecting Figurines Because He Likes Talking to Them

  • 3

    Top Is Really Good at Imitating Voices

  • 4

    Top Doesn't Like His Skin Being Touched by Others and Is Shy Showing off His Skin

  • 5

    Top Has the Same Name as Seungri, So He Was Known as "Big Seung Hyun"

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    Top's Real Name Is Seung Hyun Choi

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    Top Is the Biggest Drinker of Big Bang Members

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    Top Was Once Signing an Autograph at a Crosswalk and Left When the Light Turned Green in the Middle of Signing

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    Top Once Fell Asleep While Eating Cake and G-Dragon Thought He Was Dead

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    Top Once Stole His Mom's Necklace to Give to a Girl He Liked When He Was Little

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    Top Got the Most Amount of Followers in the Shortest Amount of Time on Instagram

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    Top's Kiss Performance with Lee Hyori Was Supposed to Be a Kiss Only on Her Forehead

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    Top Says He Feels Empty When He Is Done on Stage After a Show

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    Top Was Told by G-Dragon to Close His Eyes and G-Dragon Started Painting His Nails

  • 15

    Top Once Saved a Snail from the Streets Because He Didn't It Want It to Drown During a Storm

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    Top Once Had Pink Wallpaper

  • 17

    Top Was Once Rushed to the ER for Overdosing on Sleeping Pills