The Best Fage Flavors

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Any flavor of Fage yogurts including FruYo

All the best Fage yogurt flavors, ranked best to worst, to determine the best flavor from Fage. The yogurt flavors are from Fage’s total classic flavors, Fage’s total 2% flavors, Fage’s total 0% flavors, and Fage’s fruyo flavors. Each of the top Fage flavors appears once, even though some may cross over from different categories of the Fage products.

List of Fage flavors poses the question, “What is the best flavor from Fage?”. Each flavor of Fage has a picture next to it to show the ingredients that are in each product. The list of flavors from Fage includes pineapple, orange cinnamon, apple cinnamon raisins, vanilla, and many more. Each flavor can be voted on as your favorite with the list order changing with every vote that’s cast.

Fage is an international Greek yogurt brand that has sales in 35 countries, including the U.S. The U.S. facility is located in Johnstown, New York and is one of the larger production facilities for the yogurt brand and its various flavors. Fage includes over 1,000 employees to create quality dairy products to many countries and about 280 supermarket chains. The company develops their flavors of yogurt with respect for the environment by investing in environmentally friendly systems for production and recycling.
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