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Every Fairy Tail Opening Theme Ranked Best to Worst

You know that an anime that ran for almost 300 episodes is going to have a ton of intros, so lets rank every Fairy Tail opening theme from best to worst. This list includes all 22 Fairy Tail intro songs from the anime series, along with YouTube videos so you can remember what these sound like as you vote on them. Remember the earlier Fairy Tail intros like "Snow Fairy" by Funkist or "Sense of Wonder" by Idoling!!!? If you haven't heard them in a while, you just might cry from being hit with such strong nostalgia.

In your opinion, what is the best intro theme from Fairy Tail? You can vote up as many of these songs as you like, as well as vote songs down if you feel they didn't fit the show very well.

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    Snow Fairy (Intro 1)

    Video: YouTube
    • Artist: Funkist
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    Ft. (Intro 3)

    Video: YouTube
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      STRIKE BACK (Intro 16)

      Video: YouTube
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        MASAYUME CHASING (Intro 15)

        Video: YouTube
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