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The 15 Greatest Fairy Tail Ships

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Fairy Tail is a manga with a rich and detailed history. The graphic novel debuted in 2006, and since then, author Hiro Mashima has released over 500 chapters and 200 episodes. Mashima was widely successful with his first manga series, Rave Master, and he's been just as successful with this manga. Fans have become so invested in the series that they've created fanfiction to celebrate what the think are the best Fairy Tail ships.

The numerous story arcs and lively characters with elaborate backstories have provided fans with plenty of fodder for Fairy Tail shipping. There are tons of ships out there from the series; some of them are obvious couples, while others are a little more creative. There are tons of people you can ship together, but what are some of the best shipped couples from Fairy Tail?

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