The 15 Greatest Fairy Tail Ships

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Fairy Tail is a manga with a rich and detailed history. The graphic novel debuted in 2006, and since then, author Hiro Mashima has released over 500 chapters and 200 episodes. Mashima was widely successful with his first manga series, Rave Master, and he's been just as successful with this manga. Fans have become so invested in the series that they've created fanfiction to celebrate what the think are the best Fairy Tail ships.

The numerous story arcs and lively characters with elaborate backstories have provided fans with plenty of fodder for Fairy Tail shipping. There are tons of ships out there from the series; some of them are obvious couples, while others are a little more creative. There are tons of people you can ship together, but what are some of the best shipped couples from Fairy Tail?

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    Levy And Gajeel

    Levy and Gajeel are perhaps one of the cutest Fairy Tail ships out there – after all, who doesn't love an overly metal/buff guy with a small, adorable girl? Despite being very rough on the outside, we see Gajeel really change his demeanor around Levy. It's like an anime version of Beauty and the Beast, which makes it extremely sweet and lovable.

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    Erza And Jellal

    Erza and Jellal have been through a lot together. Jellal is an old childhood friend of Ezra's, and Ezra often softens her approach to calm Jellal down. Both of these characters have gone through their fair share of heartache, and at the end of the day, fans just want these two to be happy. 

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    Natsu And Lucy

    Natsu and Lucy is perhaps the most prominent ship in the Fairy Tail community. Consisting of two primary characters, it's no wonder this duo would be matched up together. Many fans find the ship irresistible due to the couple's initial meeting (which kicks off the series) and Lucy's continuous support of Natsu. They seem to be one of the closest friendships in the guild, and while Lucy tends to frequently get annoyed with Natsu, you can tell they care about each other. Many also seem to feel that the ending in the manga really seals the deal.

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    Zeref And Mavis

    Sometimes, the most fun type of relationship to ship is that of star-crossed lovers. Zeref and Mavis are a popular ship for this reason, as they become enemies in the future.

    After Zeref kills her with a potent kiss, Mavis's spirit is left with the guild she started. The two were a canon couple in the series, but tragedy plagued their relationship and led them to opposing sides. Now that they've been reincarnated, fans hope they can finally live peaceful lives.

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    Happy And Carla

    Who doesn't want two adorable cats to get together? Happy has always been a bright character in the series, and fans get to see him become an absolute romantic around Carla. While she doesn't always seem super interested in his advances, she also grows much closer to him as the series continues. Especially considering that there are other Exceeds, these two feel like a purrfect match. 

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    Juvia And Gray

    To some, this may feel like a fairly obvious ship, considering the fact Juvia is simply obsessed with Gray. At first, the relationship feels one-sided, but Gray does eventually start to care about Juvia.

    Aside from Juvia's often-obsessive nature, the two have very similar pasts. They understand heartbreak and being alone – a mutual history many feel would benefit their coupling. Also, Gray seems oddly defensive when Lyon confesses his love for the water mage.

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